Friday, February 26, 2010

Film on Campus Antisemitism - Crossing the Line The Intifada Comes to Campus

The link takes you to a trailer for a new film discussing the surrender of Canadian and American college campuses to the Global Intifada. It might interest readers to see a little of what is going on at places like York University. However, if the trailer is any guide, the film seems to be only apologizing for Israel, saying essentially "it's not such a bad place, and these lunatics shutting up speech on campus can't distinguish between legitimate criticism and demonization of Israel." Unfortunately, I see no sign the film seeks to analyze the Global Intifada for what it is, for the hateful, nihilistic-Utopian, destructive, deluded, racist, supremacist, Islamic-leftist ideology that it is. Nor does it seem to explain why university administrations allow these destroyers of free speech and thought to remain on campus.

The trailer basically says "those pro-Palestinian people may have a legitimate beef but they don't express it fairly or decently", as if it's somehow possible to distinguish a legitimate Palestinian leadership or program from the core Arab-Islamic refusal to recognize the legitimacy of any Jewish state or political movement in "Dar al-Islam", the refusal that has shaped the conflict and the fate of "the Palestinians" since even before the modern state of Israel was founded. In other words, the film does not admit that we must choose between Islamic or Judeo-Christian views on the nature of God and man, and the legitimacy of nation-states, when it comes to deliberating on the question of Israel. It shirks the difficult question that offends the half-baked totalitarian ideology of multiculturalism that gains power by not allowing its subjects to make the necessary choice. We are told we cannot just look at the different fruits of different world views and choose the better.

So, to use the language of Eric Voegelin, the film does not seem comfortable challenging much of the global left as taking on the form of a Gnostic resentment of the actual, historically-evolved, order of human existence. One senses that if it weren't for the Global Intifada the filmmakers and the Jewish professors they interview would romanticize leftist history, notwithstanding the many tens of millions murdered by the left's Gnostic political religions in the twentieth century. The trials of secular Jews to find their place in the world continue... Meanwhile, our universities are being taken over by those who think they have the only "solution" to the infuriating Jewish question. And, as our previous post shows, the universities are caving in to the totalitarian forces shouting down and physically threatening anyone who would defend Jewish national existence. Who's next?

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