Friday, June 04, 2010

Binks is back in the saddle with a great slew of links

Steynite 412nd « Free Canuckistan!

Of course his pro-freedom topics are numerous and diverse. I was, in present mood, natually drawn to his writing on the Gaza Attacktivists in service to Turkish Hubrislam (HT to our punster, David).
~ ITEM: Ayers, Dohrn top activists in Gaza flotilla group; and Connecting Some Communist Dots: The Free Gaza Movement Flotilla, Illegal Migrant Workers, May 1st Coalition and Organizing for America

~ ITEMS: Batchelor: Terror Soup; plus Commander of Gaza flotilla announced participants wanted to become ‘martyrs’. Also declared activists planned ‘resistance’ against Israeli commandoes; Gaza Flotilla activists chanted anti-Jewish battle cries. Prepared ‘resistance’ against Israeli commandoes, spoke of welcoming ‘martyrdom’; plus Flotilla activists ‘tried to lynch Israeli soldiers’. ‘They were fully prepared to provoke this deadly confrontation’

~ ITEM: More Mavi Marmara video released by the IDF

~ ITEM: Muslim Brotherhood Heavily Represented In Gaza Flotilla; B’Nai Brith says: Kangaroo courts rush to condemn Jewish State

~ ITEM: “Pictures of Weapons Found on the Mavi Marmara Flotilla Ship, 31 May 2010″

~ OUR BS-DETECTORS are off-kilter when it comes to stuff we like, people we hate, and “news”. Nonetheless, this elf smells boatloads of BS in the coverage of the Gaza Fauxtilla.

When it comes to the Paleostinian talent for staging news-events– add Hizbie/ Hamas, some Turkish Jihad, a dash of American Bolshies (including Obama-buddies Ayers & Dohrn), and you got a grade-A world-class “official memory” established via the usual Israel-hating world establishment. They’ve done it over and over again, ever since the Paleos and their Jihadi buddies realized the craven evil that resides in most of our media-outlets.

Facts? Truth? The Eternal Jew! (Der ewige Jude). Jewsdidit! Even when everybody else made it up. Hence this 2010 Bolshie-Jihadi Pirate Adventure.

This is a media-stunt, done by evil people, to cripple Israel. Media. Stunt.

The clueless man-child Obama is aiding and abetting the Jew-bashing, and what we are seeing is his own radical activists cuddling with Paleos, Hamas, Hizbullah, and the Turks in the logical extension of the seething of both groups against Israel & America. Israel will be destroyed first, and then America. It’s all about the utopia/ Caliphate thing.

Get it? ~

I also found this video highly related to the madness of the Atacktivists:


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