Saturday, June 12, 2010

First they come for the Pamela Gellers

Then they come for you (and Israeli comedians).  Pamela stands up for the kind of people - Rifqa Bary - whom the speech censors going after Pamela would see quietly die as victims to their code of silence on Islam.

Paypal Cuts Off Atlas: Truth is the New Hate Speech - Atlas Shrugs

Support Atlas, tell Paypal (founded by Peter Thiel, a student of Rene Girard, who should know better) that writing cheques or supporting competitors isn't that hard after all... (HT Blazing Cat Fur)

Liveleak still has "We Con the World"

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Anonymous said...

I posted a comment about paypal and i was shocked at their new code of ethics. I can buy a Quran using paypal while the book calls for the murdering of gays and non-Muslims,i can buy nazi-Lugers or Mein Konff copies that endorse eugenics to kill all defective humans.
But somehow pam tell the truth about islam and posts a ad on a bus to prevent females from being murdered and payPal finds that offensive.
Paypal is pro-Murder???
they actually condone wife beaters and child abuse??

Would paypal let me buy the DVD about gamil Gharabi who slaughter 14 females in Montreal in 1989 ?

I do agree with Tarek fatah on one major issue which is his final admission which I said years ago that the smug/elite/wealthy/white/liberals express a subtle racism via Lower-expectations from minorities that break the laws or spew hate in public to call for the death of a person or group.

I can tell you for a fact that I recently applied for Social Assistance from a Medical issue only to cover my rent for a few months until a Legal issue is resolved. All 4 people i dealt with had heavy accents
and 3 were from the caribean,I was treateted like a cheater or person that is not a valid claim and was expected to amass documents of Citizenship and any bank account,tax returns,RRSPs,rent agreements,and other ID items.
The case woker never came to visit me as scheduled and i have yet to hear from them for over 3 weeks now.
It sounded as if i was expected to be able to get a job and only non-white single moms were justifiied to get all the free hand outs as if it's expected they are ignorant and lazy.
The White people in the Political Powers must have sent a tacid approval message by their silence to oppose the obscene Refugee Policy where non-white can show up witth no ID and demand a refugee claim and get all the freebie's right away.
But a Citizen of canada must fight for a Social benefit after 40 years of steady work and never getting sick?

It's a sad statement when the Caribeans at OPSEU assume their brothers and sisters are lazy idots that deserve welfare while a caller with a good command of english must be the fraudster. I even declared I'd pay it back,it's less paper work and not worth running around to get a 3 month loan , plus i don't want any 26% credit card debts for a hole i can't get out of.
Oddly though,once I become evicted and homeless,THEN the homeless Industry kicks in and might end up getting me back into the place I was evicted from.
seems like a OPSEU scam to make work for paper-pushers in the Union pyramid sacam.