Sunday, June 06, 2010

Free them or kill them: in the end will there be any other choice?

I got a laugh out of the scene in the film Downfall where Hitler, facing death in his Berlin bunker, decides to marry Eva Braun. They bring in a marriage commissioner who is on his bureaucratic best behaviour. At the appropriate point in the "ceremony", he asks for Hitler's certification of pure Aryan ancestry. Hitler doesn't have it. Goebbels breaks the pregnant pause... "But he's the Fuhrer!!?". The commissioner proceeds.

When antisemitism take over a people's minds, it drives them crazy and self-destructive; no matter how many you kill, there is always the need for another "Jew" or Zionist or Yankee blood sucker to confirm the rightness of the regime and one's personal identity; it becomes a mad quest: one cannot face up to and deal with one's resentment of the way the world is - with all its necessary differences - letting go of much of the uncreative resentment in good faith; one can only dive deeper into it. Hell, if Hitler had survived to lead some rump of hold-out Nazis in the Alps, Argentina, or somewhere, his followers may eventually have turned on him, discovering that he had deceived them because, they would conclude, he must have been at least part Jewish. Such is often the fate of those who step out of the mob and into history, by making some significant difference, good or bad.

I wonder if in the last of days, the Muslims will witness a similar marriage scene.

Cairo to Strip Citizenship from Men Who Marry Israelis - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News
Cairo's High Court of Justice has upheld a lower court ruling that ordered the Interior Ministry to ensure that Egyptian men lose their rights if they marry Israeli wives.

Administrative Supreme Court Justice Mohammed al-Husseini handed down a decision Saturday that Egypt's Interior Ministry must ask the country's Cabinet to take what steps it must to strip citizenship from men married to Israeli women -- and from their children.

At present, Egyptians marrying Israelis are allowed to retain their Egyptian citizenship, and their children are automatically considered Egyptian citizens as well. The practice parallels that of the Muslim faith, in which custody of the children, and the religious faith, follows that of the father.
Al-Wahsh explained to the Qatar-based Al Jazeera satellite news network that he wanted to prevent the creation of a generation who are “disloyal to Egypt and the Arab world.” The children of such marriages “should not be allowed to perform their military service,” he commented.

Al Jazeera reporter in Cairo, Rawya Rageh, commented that the case has “highlighted the divide between the official Egyptian stance on peace with Israel versus the real sentiment on the street of the Arab world's most populous nation.”
“It's not clear whether the Egyptian government will indeed enforce the verdict,” commented Rageh. “but for now, the verdict has quenched the thirst of many in an increasingly angry population seeking action against Israel.”
Ahh, but just as an Arab in the desert can never stop dreaming of water, and enemies, the only thing that will really cure Jew hatred is a conversion to the truth, the truth that the world, that any kind of possible social order, will always provoke some amount of resentment; and so if we want to progress as a culture or civilization, we will have to deal with this resentment without madhouse conspiracy theories that target those who are in some way different, or creative, unless we want forever to live in a madhouse of conspiracy and human sacrifice, which is where today's left-Islamic alliance now lives, as any cool reading of the movement to deny Israel's right and responsibility to defend itself from those who would destroy it now makes clear.

The resurrection and prominence given to the anti-Jewish blood libel by the recent MSM "reporting" of the Gaza attactivist flotilla is a very scary sign of things to come. The mob in the Arab and "Western" worlds will not be sated for long by one or another anti-Israel measure. They will still return to the desire to kill the Jew, i.e. to kill free societies with rational justice and economic systems; and if they ever get their way they will just have to find more "Jews" to kill, unless and until they can be converted to the truth, to good faith full of doubt and real thinking and not ritualistic certainties.

Humanity in future is going to have to revisit, I fear many times, the "neocon" or Lincolnian proposition that we cannot live with any kind of security in a global village that is half free and half slave. If the mad mobs of the Arab world are allowed to fester in self-righteous scapegoating, they will forever be in need of another victim to sacrifice to guarantee their unity, to forget, if only for a moment, all their internal tensions and resentments. We can feed them Israel, but it will not, cannot, stop there. They will forever project their internal resentments onto external enemies. And what will the rest of us have to do about it? Can we bottle them up, with real walls, without seeing many of them die (in populations that have grown through access to Western technology, trade, migration, to numbers that "Sharia economics" or isolated big man tyrannies can never support), thus provoking further our "white guilt"? And can we continue to let them into our Western world without also seeing many people killed through the growing irrationalism of the Islamist-left alliance, one that can never produce enough victims of "the Jews"/America to flaunt and to justify revenge against white guilt?

If we value life, we must face up to this historical challenge sooner rather than later.


Dag said...

Leftists, among others like them, have a need for purity, an insatiable need to correct and demand purity in others and even themselves, as one sees in those foolish Westerners, for example, who went to China and indulged in "self-criticism." Of the making of many books there is no end, and so it is too with "rules." Those who are perfectionists, in that sense, might be thought of as Puritans. But allow me to say, "No."

Like Socrates knowing that he doesn't know everything, the puritan knows that he is always and forever a sinner, and nothing is going to change that. One can only hope to do better, which is no cause for pride, given that better is hardly good enough.

Yes, some Puritan fled to the Netherlands and America in the hope of founding perfect communities; but most stayed home and worked and suffered from the State religion's domination. The utopian Americans soon gave it up and got rich instead. Unfortunately, some of that New England puritanism still lingers in-- New England. But stripped of its religious restraints and tied instead to politics, we end up with people like Ted Kennedy, et al. For them there is no restraint, and there is no end to pride.

Nineteenth century puritanism is of a different kind, I think, in that it is based on the individual alone, not on building a shining house on the hill for all to see. It's ideal comes very close to being a cowboy, having a personal code of right behaviour. Then, one does, in spite of the hardship, and one wins or loses; and then there's tomorrow. It's not a perfectionism like the utopian puritanism. The man is responsible for himself because no one else can be him. A man has to paddle his own canoe, as they say. Then he strives for his own betterment, perhaps even puritanically. There is only guilt in failure, not blame.

Searching for flaws in others to weed out imperfections is a superstitiousness, a search for daemons in the other, rather than a search for the good. That will be endless, or until one simple falls, exhausted. No, Leftists and anti-Semites will never be satisfied until they find perfection, which is of course impossible. They have to be stopped if they cause, as they do now, harm. But where do we stop?

We stop when it's not profitable to continue. We know that comes when we have other things to do that are more important that stopping harm. If others aren't harming us and our nations then we can turn again to our own privacies. We don't have to kill every last sinner, we need only stop them from wrecking our lives so we can go back to living. I hope I can do that in this lifetime. If not, it's still a good life.

truepeers said...

I agree it's probably a mistake to call those who don't know they are sinners, personally, "Puritans". I'm not quite convinced by the last part however. Since when is there any profit in going to war against those who refuse modernity? It seems to me we have to do what we have to do and we have to find a way to understand this, to insist on and live a responsibility, freedom, and corresponding guilt. This will also tell us when to stop, one hopes, but again i can't see that being simply indicated in terms of profitability. It'll be more a question of when can we stop paying for this military and get back to being decadent again.

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

vry interesting post

Dag said...

My fault for using the term "profit loosely. I mean in it a non-monetary sense. I'll get back to that here. You make some more points I like a lot, and I want to say more about it, but time presses.

Thomas F. Bertonneau said...

A penetrating analysis of the madness of jew-hatred.