Monday, May 31, 2010

Ali Mallah demonstrates

Blazing Cat Fur: Ali Mallah CUPE Union Thug Assaults Blazingcatfur at Islamofascist Anti-Netanyahu Rally!  Here's the video:

Mrs . Catfur has the background on the unfortunate Mr. Mallah.

So just what is it that Mallah demonstrates? Forget all the surface appearances for a moment because what percentage of Canadians will look at the kind of people in the video and think, simply, these are pro-Palestinian demonstrators? Most Canadians will look at these obsessive Israel haters, people who consider the Jewish desire to have a state to be "Racism!", and think, hmm, what really is the disaster that has messed up their lives, cornering them in self-destructive hatred? But many will not really know the answer.

We find a pretty good answer here: Palestine Betrayed

And for any readers in the vicinity of London, ON, Toronto, or Ottawa (June 2,3, and 7) , don't miss the rare opportunity to hear an exceptional scholar, Bat Ye'Or, who has taught us so much to understand the kind of world that creates Ali Mallahs.


Anonymous said...

most canadians are as dumb as a bag of rocks. we will put up with this shit and nothing will be done until we have to fight our own in the streets. our own are increasingly stupid. islam is evil.

truepeers said...

Alas, I think what you say is true of most people; nothing special about Canadians. Serious human self-understanding generally only develops in the face of clear existential threat.