Sunday, June 03, 2012


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Dag said...

Well, hi to you to, Peers. Good to see you back at work.

VanGuy said...

What happened to you folks? I used to love reading this blog, but been so quiet lately. With so much going on around the world and locally I hope you continue some time soon.

Dag said...

Hi, Van Guy, good to see you as well after all this time.

Peers is on hiatus for a while, and I am traveling very slowly through Peru for the past year. Charles is deeply involved in personal matters and is likely to remain so for some time yet.

However, Peers and I still write to each other, and I can assure you he is as ever the most brilliant guy I know; so when he returns you will have as much difficulty as I and others and seemingly all have in debating him. Always worth the effort, even though I am consistently defeated. That, in itself, is some kind of victory for me, showing clearly that I learn something new and valuable each time out.

Meanwhile, you can refresh your memories of me by looking at for my book, D.W. Walker, An Occasional Walker. You will find some comments and reviews of a sort at No Dhimmitude, "Dagness at Noon." Peers promises to have a review out soon, as well.

If ever you decide to roam the world a bit I highly recommend Bolivia and Peru as places of greatness of the human spirit. As you might remember, I was not taken with Canada, and here in the Amazon I have found someplace as close to home as I am likely to find anywhere. As always, if you show up the coffee is on me.

Best regards,

Dag Walker,
Iquitos, Peru.

Doug said...

Man, your home page brings this old computer to a stop.


Was gonna respond to your thoughtful comment @ Belmont,
but now I forgot what it was!

truepeers said...

Heh, it's the thought, Doug. I enjoyed your Uruguayan link. When we get back to blogging seriously, we will have to check the blog layout.