Friday, June 15, 2007

HAMAS: They's jest good ol' boys.

What have I been thinking? All these years I thought HAMAS terrorists were addicted to violence and hatred for its own sake because it's way more fun to have a mission in life that is so high and mighty that it's the very work of God himself to do it; and that it's also way more fun to blow up buildings and the folks inside than it is to have to measure wood and then saw it to fit, and to nail it all together, and that boring stuff of building. Yeah, silly willy that I am, I thought of HAMAS as just a bunch of phantasizing killers financed and encouraged in their murderous dramas by Presbyterian churches and CUPE union members so that the lot of them could play at being heroes battling against injustice or whateverthefuckitis for fun and profit.

But recently a friend went to Gaza, and here we can see the photos he took of the noble BBC journalists and freedom fighters and and Presbyterian missionaries he met. My opinion is radically changed. Now I see things in a whole new light.

This here picture is of Hudood, a good ol boy if ever I seen one before.Right here is our real friend Haq, and he's orderin' pizza jest like a real guy does.
You all can see Lester in the middle here, and he's amaking plans for the new school and swimmin hole down by the crick. Fine folk, they all.
Here they is all done up in Sunday-goin'-ta-meeting clothes. Hey, they's jest like us'n.
"Dag, how come," you all are asking, "could you have ever thunk them HAMAS boys was bad, and I mean bad to the bone?" I am stumped. Jest look at em. What was I thinking?! For shame on me. I mean, look at him? Is he a good ol boy? You betcher.
Now, if'n I was a Presbyterian I'd be lining up myself to give money to this here fella so's he could kill him some of them there Joooos. Any right-thinkin man'd do the ver same.
It ain't no wonder them there folks go on a killin an a bombin, and it's cause of the Joooos. What else could be the cause of all that violence and stuff if'n it weren't fer them there Jooos? I do rightly think now that I done seen my friend's pictures that these here folks are the finest in the whole world. I hope they all run the place some time. They'd do a far sight better than that there George Bush and them neo-cons and the Joooos he got running things now. So, yeah ah, I want HAMAS boys runnin things. And I'm gonna give alla my money to the Presbyterians so's they can spread it around to the HAMAS freedom fighters.
Remember now: HAMAS, they's jest good ol boys like you and me.


truepeers said...

It's all Harper's fault: if he hadn't withdrawn funding when the Palistinians democratically elected a bunch of genocidal maniacs, we wouldn't have to be worrin' about no lack of Palestinian Unity now. Like I always said, take the whiskey and raisins away from the good ol' boy and you end up with Willie Pickton in white sheets turnin' on his own folk. No entertainment value in that, even a Presbyterian CUPE member's got enough taste to prefer watchin' Jew dances with rockets.

dag said...

Gwyn Dyer? What can I make of that fellow? He managed to blame the American government and of course the Israelis for the anarchy in Gaza and on the Jordan side; but then he also managed to claim that the Pal.s are going to suffer another generation of poverty in their open-air prison because somehow they didn't manage to have a better organized elected government. How could he be so critical of the Pal.s? What? Isn't he Canadian?