Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Welcome to Hamastan

From USAToday:
"On Monday, gunmen allied with Hamas disguised themselves as fleeing civilians and hurled hand grenades at Israeli soldiers and Palestinians at Erez, killing a relative of a slain Fatah warlord, and injuring 15 other Palestinians."

Disgusting. But no longer surprising.
Hamas has deployed gunmen along the eight-mile border road separating Egypt from Gaza, and at the Rafah border crossing, to keep people from fleeing into Egypt. Palestinians who tried to leave Gaza via Rafah were turned back at gunpoint.

Living under Hamas is so pleasurable, why would anyone even want to leave?
Meanwhile, a group of Fatah members have broken away from the movement to form a Gaza-based splinter organization aligned to Hamas, its new leader said Monday.
Khaled Abu Hilal, a Fatah member known for his close relations with Hamas, said he and thousands of other Fatah members decided to form a rival group, called Fatah al-Yasser, with its own military wing, the Higher Military Committee.
Many Fatah members blamed their defeat on their leaders, who they said were weak.

Reading story after story of this endless insanity leaves me mute. So I'll do my talking through this new video:
Welcome to Hamastan.


dag said...

Well, what do we do now?

Sean Orr said...

A rebuttal.

Charles Henry said...

I guess I do need words after all.

Sean, the article I quoted describes the horrible conditions the refugees find themselves in, as they flee the violence raging behind them. Now, imagine that you are in Gaza, and you hear of this terrible suffering, the suffering of your fellow countrymen. Do you
A) use your industriousness and ingenuity to hunt for bottled water and food to bring to them, and alleviate their suffering, even if only for a moment, or
B) use your industriousness and ingenuity to hide among the suffering in order to lob grenades at israeli border guards.

I don't know you from Adam, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you will at least aspire to A), and that option B) would never cross your modern mind. I think choosing B) is barbaric, and I saw nothing in your article you used as a proxy argument to rebut that.

Charles Henry said...

On the matter of shutting down the border. When you and your buddies are drinking at your favorite bar, and one of your buds lets loose with a man-sized fart, do you and the others back away from the foul odor, or do you instinctively all huddle more closely together, zooming in on the stench in order to breathe in its noxious fumes?
You try to get away, of course, because you are human. If the bouncers of the bar all conspire to force you back into close proximity with the stink, what would you think of them?
Well, if you feel sympathy for someone suffering from someone else's flatulence, why not feel even more sorrow for someone suffering from A CIVIL WAR??
The most natural thing in the world is to want to save your life and get the hell out of there, at the very least seeing to the safety of your beloved family. Yet hamas posts guards at the border to keep all people in... women and children included. What does that tell you about the sympathy Hamas feels for the people it purports to "govern"?

Now I didn't last very long when I was in college, but I did linger there long enough to be introduced to the idea of the Gate Test: if you open the gates to your home, to your nation, do people try to rush **in**, or rush **out**. People are rushing **out** of Gaza. To me, that means that no matter what Jimmy Carter thinks, it is a bad place; it fails the Gate Test. It stinks.
If hamas is such an improvement, why don't so many palestinian refugees know that? If hamas is as defensible as the article claims it is, wouldn't people be rushing **in**?

truepeers said...

I think that was a fart sean left. I don't know if defenders of terrorist mass murderers deserve anything but jail time; but we may have to forgive those for whom reality is another world: e.g. sean's link claims "...some even going so far as to claim that "a new Islamist state is emerging"

-that's not going far, that's just the starting point of any sane analysis and respect for what Hamas says they are about. but in sean's world we can make up our own reality because everything is just a construction of someone's will to power and we on the left see what no one else does and we have magical critical thinking all skills!

Sean Orr said...

"A) use your industriousness and ingenuity to hunt for bottled water and food to bring to them, and alleviate their suffering" except when you get shot by the IDF for being a suspected militant.

Sean Orr said...

Another rebuttal

Sean Orr said...

Comparing the situation in the occupied territories to a fart is a new one. Wow.

truepeers said...

Sean, considering that the Arab-Muslims have been ceaselessly fighting a war to eliminate Israel's entire existence since before the state was even formed in 1948, Israel's response has been largely a mark of patience and restraint, with some inevitable exceptions. Can you name me one other state which has fought a sixty years existential struggle with so few casualties on the other side, despite the state under attack having a clear advantage in military technologies? so few casualties that you can fall for the nonsense propaganda that you evidently fall for, not able to see that there are going to be innocent victims in any full-fledged existential struggle, which in no way should allow you to deny the realities of this struggle and speak against the society and state that are the real victims of a global hate propaganda campaign. You clearly have no sense of the real existential struggle at stake, including your own existence as doltish Western leftist making allies with people whose leaders' clearly and openly stated Koranic goal is one day to turn you into a full-fledged dhimmi, or dead man, if you have not already submitted fully to Islam. This is much closer to the truth about your Palestinian friends here in Canada and in Gaza than anything you have linked so far.

If you are incapable of making serious arguments in your own words, you might consider doing some serious studying and leaving blog comments sections alone for a while. We would appreciate it.

Jake said...

HAHAHA! Those 7th-Century throwbacks can kill each other better than those evil Jooos can kill them!