Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In Imitation of Conformity

Toronto officials are making moves to remove decals from city automobiles. The decals are in support of our troops in Afghanistan. In conformity with the psychosis of our Left times, the governors of the the city wish to delete any public expression of support for what they likely consider to be at odds with the reality they prefer would be otherwise. These people who pose as Leftists are not "revolutionary" or "progressive" in any sense at all. They are vile conformists, people bending into postures so horribly contorted they must scream at the end of the day from the pain they cause themselves, all of it for the sake of showing themselves sophisticates and daring stalkers of the new. These are conformists, people so terrified of not being seen as fashionable that they would literally rather die than embarrass themselves in front of their friends by contradicting the norm, of looking like they aren't playing along like good people do. They will do anything to remain being seen as "cool." They are conformists. They don't care about anything but their own shallow vanities. Troops in a war? It doesn't conform to the norm of our time. Conformity will prevail in most places most times, and for the good often. But not here and not now. These idiot scum bags have to go and we need a revolution in thought and manners to replace them. We cannot fail that or we will die.

Truepeers writes below of the origins of societies, and we see immediately below some of the nature of mimicry he discusses. We see a conformity to insanity, of conformity to gnostic magic rather than to the realities of Humanness. Time to stand up and embrace the actual. Time to stop the conformity to gnostic madness and time now to stop the Human sacrifice of gnostic rituals. It's an imitation of reality and an imitation of the conformity to the norm of life.

"Toronto the Good." Yes, they are. They are still the most conforming and conservative people in the nation, too bad for the world. We need a revolution. We do not need these good people.

Kelly Patrick, "
Toronto to remove 'Troops' decals from 350 vehicles." Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TORONTO -- Despite a huge uproar that the move is an insult to Canadian soldiers, Toronto Mayor David Miller is backing a plan by the city's fire and ambulance chiefs to remove yellow "Support our Troops" decals from the backs of nearly 350 vehicles.

"I think the way the chiefs have handled this is appropriate," Mr. Miller said.

"The yellow ribbon, as you know, to many of us, means support for our troops. To some people it's a symbol of support for the war in Afghanistan and [EMS] Chief [Bruce] Farr and others in the city have received a number of calls from people who are concerned about the city expressing an opinion on the war. The program was always scheduled to last for a year. It will be wrapped up this fall."

Chief Farr echoed that.

"It was never intended to be forever," he said.

Chief Farr and his colleague, Fire Chief Bill Stewart, told a press conference today that neither city council, nor city staff ordered the stickers removed.

Instead, the chiefs said the campaign to adorn about 170 fire trucks and 175 ambulances with yellow ribbon decals was done on their authority and would be ended on their authority, as planned, in the autumn.

Both chiefs said the decals would be removed over six to eight weeks, beginning in September....

Councillor Frances Nunziata moved a motion Tuesday morning asking that the decals stay put until the end of Canada's mission in Afghanistan.

The motion will be debated tomorrow if Ms. Nunziata gets the two-thirds vote necessary to bring it to the council floor.

"Leave the ribbons on. I think it's the worst thing our city has ever done," Ms. Nunziata said.

But Councillor Janet Davis disagreed.

The left-leaning councillor was among the first to raise concerns publicly about the ribbons.

"By putting messages on our vehicles it sends the message that the city of Toronto supports the mission in Afghanistan and I don't believe we should be sending that message," she said.

Mr. Miller said he would not support the motion.

"I don't think, frankly, it's the job of city council to debate the war in Afghanistan," he said.

Toronto to remove 'Troops' decals from 350 vehicles National Post.

No more imitation of conformity. It's time for a revolution. Stop conforming to the death hippies. This has gone too far. You can make it stop.


truepeers said...

Well, I'll wait and see if the good citizens of Toronto plaster every bit of city property with yellow ribbons before I come to a final conclusion about the city as a whole. But I've said it before and I may have to say it again: maybe it's time Canada separates from Toronto. Since when is the yellow ribbon a sign of support "for the war" and not simply for our brave young men and women who are risking their lives in our name? For anyone not to support the troops, even if you disagree with government policy (but what exactly is the argument for giving Afghanistan to the Taleban-alQaeda? and there is no magical "third way", Mr. and Mrs. NDP Gnostic), is simply not acceptable in any decent society. Someone needs to prod these leftist fools to provide for their own defense if they are going to bite the hand that feeds them, or to accept the alternative: living in a sh*t hole under some barbarian's thumb. Of course, your average Toronto leftist will be in a Burqa faster than you can say "Nathan Phillips Square, modernist monstrosity" if push ever comes to shove. And that includes Jack Layton and the rest of his post-masculine ilk!

truepeers said...

"Contrary to what outsiders generally suppose, the typical Muslim woman in a Muslim city doesn't wear the veil because her grandmother did so, but because here grandmother did not: her grandmother in her village was far too busy in the fields, and she frequented the shrine without a veil, and left the veil to her betters. The granddaughter is celebrating the fact that she has joined her grandmother's betters, rather than her loyalty to her grandmother." Ernest Gellner, Postmodernism, Reason and REligion, 16 (London: 1992)

Now you know why what I just said about Jack Layton is not simply hyperbolic but founded in a rational observation that modernist leftists and modern fundamentalist Muslims share similar thought processes and so may one day come to certain shared understandings.

dag said...

Gellner is dead on there. Affluence, or "affluenza" as (Said?) wrote, is the core of the issue. These creepy scums can afford to go out and cause all this trouble because they aren't forced to work like their fellah forebearers. And the spoiled rotten kiddies of Amherst and Harvard can riot and then phone home for money to order pizza in jail.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, some folks who "get it" are actually living the life of real people in a real world of real people, our soldiers.

maccusgermanis said...

He was, he said at length, a convict returning from five years' imprisonment in a distant prison, but his people were too poor to visit him and were too uneducated to be very articulate on paper. Hence he had written to them to make a sign for him when he was released and came home. If they wanted him, they should put a white ribbon in the big apple tree which stood close to the railroad track at the bottom of the garden, and he would get off the train, but if they did not want him, they were to do nothing and he would stay on the train and seek a new life elsewhere."


White ribbons in this tale were not in favor of crime. Yellow ribbons are not in favor of war.

Shall veterans of Toronto keep on the train until they find a yellow ribboned South? If Canada won't welcome its veterans home then perhaps those veterans can apply for Z visas.

dag said...

Macc., I long to return home sometimes so badly I could weep. There are miles to go yet, but someday I will come back, and I'm coming with or without the ribbons. I hope to see Canadian veterans there when I get off the train. They'll stand with my step-brothers, all four in the services, and a brother-in-law on the police force.

Miles to go before I sleep.