Friday, June 22, 2007

Poetry and Madness: Longing for Jahaliyyah.

What do we get from Islam that is better than what the Arabs gave us before? Hate? Ignorance? Slavery? Violence? Jahaliyyah was way better for everyone. Bring back the days of ignorance, the time before Mohammed wrecked Arab culture and a big chunk of the world's population for 1,400 years. Does this man write poetry? Or does he want to kill Rushdie? What's better?


Stop, oh my friends, let us pause to weep over the remembrance of my beloved.
Here was her abode on the edge of the sandy desert between Dakhool and Howmal.

The traces of her encampment are not wholly obliterated even now.
For when the South wind blows the sand over them the North wind sweeps it away.

The courtyards and enclosures of the old home have become desolate;
The dung of the wild deer lies there thick as the seeds of pepper.

On the morning of our separation it was as if I stood in the gardens of our tribe,
Amid the acacia-shrubs where my eyes were blinded with tears by the smart from the bursting pods of colocynth.

As I lament thus in the place made desolate, my friends stop their camels;
They cry to me "Do not die of grief; bear this sorrow patiently."

Nay, the cure of my sorrow must come from gushing tears.
Yet, is there any hope that this desolation can bring me solace?

So before ever I met Unaizah, did I mourn for two others;
My fate had been the same with Ummul-Huwairith and her neighbor Ummul-Rahab in Masal.

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truepeers said...

I've been trying to answer your question with at least one point to the other side. But so far I can't. Beautiful poem, old school shows it's best, again.