Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Invasion of the Savages

Gates of Vienna: The Big Story That Isn’t: According to writer Paul Weston, a British Member of Parliament, fearing for his life and his families', fearing that he or they might end up just another brutalized corpse like that of the adolescent Briton who was rendered not even recognizably human by a mob of Pakistani Muslims, has decided to step down from politics in a land that used to pride itself for its political freedoms. Apparently, if one can believe it, it has taken the importation of Muslims, in alliance with a virtual news blackout by the dhimmi, BBC-led media, and an all-round delusional British government (whose security is less credible to an MP than the mob's threats) to achieve this startling turn of events. And this while there are still veterans of World War II alive to see the corrupted fruits of their sacrifices. Incredible.

Are we going to let something like this happen here in Canada (we've already had activists and writers threatened by Islamic fundamentalists)? Are we going to demand that the Canadian government suitably warn Canadians traveling to Britain that they are going to a country that is no longer obviously safer than your average third-world mobdom?

Time to start covenanting to build a new reality so that good people may put an end to this kind of thing before it gets totally out of control and we all end up killing millions. Time to ask seriously why civilization is crumbling and not buy into politically-correct fantasies about the joys of diversity (especially for those living in poorer neighborhoods). Join us one of these Thursdays in Vancouver, or start a pro-Western civilization group in your own city.

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dag said...

I left a note at Gates of Vienna in the hopes that some will take heed to the message they posted: That no one is safe in this world if there is no government of the people, for the people, by the people. I hope people will decide for themselves to stand up to the Gnostic elitists by sitting down in public in protest and in the hope and expectation of eventual formation of covenantors who will reclaim their right to rule their lives as private individuals in conjunction with others such.