Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ezra: still holding the line for the rest of us

Ezra Levant has been hit by yet another lawsuit. Read all the pathetic details at: Disgraced Liberal lobbyist Warren Kinsella tries to destroy me - Ezra Levant

I think this is lawsuit number 19, or something like that, counting all the "human rights" and Law Society complaints against Ezra, along with the libel suits from "human rights" industry people. He sounded a little worn out when I heard him interviewed the other day at Brass Balls Radio. I mean Ezra is still full of faith in the fight and the rightness of our cause, but what keeps him going is the knowledge that people will donate money to fight his various suits, and no one likes to have to ask repeatedly for money, even when we have to do it.

But this is what those who would limit free speech in the name of "human rights" know, and they know Ezra Levant is a key figure to wear out. Ezra is exceptionally pugnacious for a Canadian in our post-Trudeaupian age. So read up on the latest SLAPP suit by a blogger who doesn't seem to agree that the Canadian Islamic Congress has an approach to Islam, Sharia, Iran, Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas, Mark Steyn, Barbara Amiel, etc. that may well be considered "anti-Semitic", or Judeophobic. It will be very interesting, if this suit proceeds to trial, to see how the courts come to understand what is reasonably entailed by claims that someone is helping out "anti-Semites", in this day and age when apparently mainstream political parties run Islamist candidates, well-known politicians attend what are, essentially, Hezbollah rallies, and even Kinsella's Liberal party's last leadership race was influenced by an intramural campaign defaming a leading candidate for having a Jewish wife. Will Mohammed Elmasry's CIC be, effectively, labelled "anti-Semitic" by a Canadian court? Perhaps Kinsella is betting no judge in PC Canada will have the nerve or intellectual disposition. In any case, we need the ugly truth revealed as we move forward in the fight to renew a free society.

At the end of the day, consider how much unpaid work Ezra has done for the cause of free speech in Canada. Remember how he stood up to and revealed the evil that was at work in the Alberta Human Rights Commission when he was all alone and didn't know if others would come to share in his fight (as he mentions in the Brass Balls interview, he went into the AHRC interrogation telling his wife he didn't know how they were going to pay the $5000 lawyer bill). And send him some cash.

Jay Currie has further speculation on what might be motivating Kinsella: Panic Stations.


Anonymous said...

I believe this is either number twenty, or twenty-one, if you count all the Law society complaints.

Personally, I find Warren Kinsella to be rather reprehensible, but I won't go further, as he undoubtedly trolls the blogosphere for commentary much like that, to use as fodder for yet another defamation lawsuit.

But you know what I would like to see? I would like to see Ezra Levant and Warren Kinsella, respectively, as the heads of the Liberal and Conservative parties.

Quite frankly I think that would be the most fun that the Canadian political scene has had since the ages of Chretien, at the very least.

truepeers said...

Famous last words: I thought it would be fun! Please sir, no more!

Anonymous said...

True, very true.

But just think of the headlines! You'd wake up every day and rush to the computer or the newspaper, just to see what's happened next.

Then again, it would probably be somewhat of a disaster.

I would however, settle for rival late-night talk shows.

truepeers said...

yeah, I can imagine the Ezra show having a happy band, a kind of reformed Barenaked Lawyers, while Kinsella would stick to the nihilist punk thing, well into this 70s... while 90-something Jean Chretien would be the ever returning guest telling tales about K's "secret" skeletons and cracking Martin and Manning jokes no one would ever get, while twirling golf balls in his hand a la Bogart in the Caine Mutiny. Ezra's favorite guest would be a certain traumatized but spirited blogger who has never revealed her "true" identity to remind us of the evil HRCs the kids don't even know ever existed. No one will believe the stories about Jadewarr and co. and Ezra will still be suspected as a provocateur.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'd watch it. Mark Steyn could do the tour, giving speeches and cracking jokes with vague show-tune and political references that only fifty percent of the viewers would truly understand.

Maybe they could even drag Rex Murphy away from his dark room in the vaults of the CBC.

Dag said...

Levant in his way is a Sarah Palin figure: both are symbolic of character the Left hates. There are myriad ways of being outside the circle of the Left, and to be so is to suffer from them and their visions when they have any control at all over ones life. So, if you're more like Levant than Palin, don't think it'll save you at all. Any anonymous person can be a Levant or a Palin, and unfortunately might well become so. Prepare.

truepeers said...

This is the kind of evil Dag is talking about. This is what the defenders of the HRCs want for Canada and for Ezra Levant.

Dag said...

That is too close to the end. We face the Europeanization of America with an Obama election; and if it comes, we must prepare ourselves for government by HRC. The velvet fascism of this kind of state is still fascist, and we, if we will remain free people, must stand up to the challenge this fascism presents us. It will be a badge of honor to say later that we spent so much money defending ourselves against the fascist law-suits, or even that we spent so much time in prison for defending our righteous struggle.

The Diana West piece above is the future we face if we do nothing to stop it. We might not all be able to be Ezra Levants, but we can all be ourselves, and proud people at that.