Monday, October 27, 2008

Head Scratcher: fake "human rights" make the world go batty

I'm still trying to figure out this choice of headline for a letter to the editor making fun, I think, of the BC "Human Rights" Tribunal and a popular BC restaurant chain that was founded in the 1920s: Some Muslim challenges to democracy won't go away


Dag said...

Leftism is a self-parody, and to poke at it even further is, for some of us, loads of fun. "Racism," for example, is some kind of joke. It's so overused as to be practically meaningless; and those who go on about it just make me laugh these days. No, it's not humor-driven laughter. Nearly any story concerning "racism" is a matter now of bathos. And so it goes with the Left's entire agenda: anything they go on about is so vitiated by now I could gag at the sound of the first cliches, whether they have merit or no. Sick of it. Too bad about the innocent. But this comes about due to the Irrationality and stupidity of the intelligentsia. There comes a fed-up time, and I reached it years ago. When others feel like I do, which I'm sure is evolving rapidly now, they had better have the same good temper I have or the world is in big trouble.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

I used to like the Mile High Lemon Merangue Pie!

Dag said...

I'm keen on the cole slaw. I'd still go to the White Spot even if the waiter wore hijabs.

OK, so I'm lying like a dog. But I do love the burgers and chips and cabbage. I call it Canadian culture.