Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Modernist Foiled by the Nubians of Plutonia.

Some people complain about Modernity, claiming that life was better in the Middle Ages, even better than that when people lived as hunter-gatherers. Those who hate Modernity are those I refer to as "Povertarians," some kind of polluted religious fanatics. There are great things available in our beautiful Modernity, not the least being anti-biotics for bronchitis. As good, if not better, the daily crossword in the paper. Yes, the crossword puzzle is fun, even when I get stumped by such commonalities as the composer of The Nubians of Plutonia.

I'm going to lie me down for the night and look forward to many crossword puzzles to come. It is a wonderful Modern world indeed. Worth fighting for.

Sun Ra? Now I know.



truepeers said...

Hope the cold too is getting foiled!

truepeers said...

there must be a lot of people doing that crossword: check out the sitemeter

Dag said...

That's funny! I linked to the world's first crossword puzzle, not to the one I did yesterday. I hope people like the one I link to. I think it's greet to go back to the beginning to see how everything started and perhaps to find out why. From there the rest can make a bit more sense if the first gives us a sense of context.

I'm guessing it's crossword people looking here. I mean, who has ever heard of Sun Ra but some Jazz aficionados?

I have lived in enough primitive places to truly love Modernity. Jazz? Yeah. Bix Beiderbecke. Crossword puzzles....