Monday, October 06, 2008

Rotberg's series on Iran

Some of us were led to believe that Howard Rotberg had decided to leave the blogging business, due to an ambivalent comment at the end of his series on Tolerism, Howard's term that makes an analogy between the pop culture concept of building up a tolerance for alcohol, and the ideology of building up a deadly "tolerance" for a moral and cultural relativism that embraces even the most barbaric behaviours if these are done in the name of opposition to Western (American, Israeli) "hegemony".

Happily Howard is still blogging and has up a number of posts on Iran and the need for Americans and the rest of the world to see that Iranian regime is not just an existential threat for Israel.

His latest post, presenting a column by Barry Rubin, is particularly effective in making this point.

Howard Rotberg: Second Generation Radical

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