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Let thine eye look like a friend on Denmark

The other day, Blazing Cat Fur linked to this post: Denmark: Street war between Hells Angels and immigrant gangs spreading » Balder Blog

This is the kind of news from Europe that you can these days usually only find in blogs. Today, Pamela Geller has more:
When the situation became hopeless in 1945 Germany, Hitler and his monsters retreated to his fuhrerbunker[; it is said] that in their last days any semblance of decency and morality was recklessly abandoned. Europe's political elites remind me of these desperate, bankrupt zombies, naked and screwing everybody. Strange metaphor I know but it came to mind when reading an email I received from Tomas Kierstein describing the disastrous disintegration of the basic fabric of Danish society (and many European countries). Tomas Kierstein is vice-chairman of The Danish Association (in Danish: Den Danske Forening - introduction in English) He wrote me after viewing my video interviews with Lars Hedegaard parts I(here) and II (here).

His account is frightening but less so than Hedegaard's mystification with America's inexplicable and almost deliberate denial, willful ignorance of the creeping sharia and stealth jihad descending over our great nation. At least, Hedegaard insisted, "we know what is happening in our country".[paraphrasing
[Kierstein writes:] On the other hand, if Europe becomes a failed Continent, you don’t have to consider whether or not to intervene. At that point you will simply not have the money to support your military efforts anymore, as both the Chinese and your domestic economies, which are heavily tied to each other and the European market, will probably collapse – as more than half a billion of what used to be among the wealthiest consumers in the World will leave the World economy and enter the abyss of perpetual hostilities.
At this point in time, it seems to me we don't have to wait for the perfect account of just how bad things are in Europe, or what hope there is for Western nations to renew themselves to face down the ethical chaos sown by those whose fear of national cultures, and the individual freedom that grows out of them, has encouraged them to foster, in the name of multiculturalism, all the conditions for a collapse of self-ruling democracies and a movement towards rule of the streets by tribal gangsters and warlords.

It is enough at this moment that we recognize and vote for the politicians that, despite their many faults, are at least somewhat aware of the Global Intifada being waged by the left-Islamist alliance:
Having lived 30 years in Pakistan and 10 in Saudi Arabia, Fatah knows intimately what constitutes "soft jihad" when he sees it. He expressed his sorrow, as a lifetime social democrat that after 17 years of engaged support for the NDP, he could no longer be affiliated with that party. He saw the doors opening to Islamists under Alexa McDonough and now, under Layton, he has seen them "flood" into the party.

It soon became apparent that the particular political focus of all three of the speakers is the NDP, which has shamelessly courted and integrated into its inner circles Islamist Muslims with views that are antithetical and even dangerous to the continued health of Canadian values. Fatah has watched in frustration as Islamists in the NDP pursue a relentless campaign to instill a sense of victimhood in Muslim youth. Yesterday an NDP candidate in Toronto Centre - an immigration lawyer, Farouk El-Khaki - accused the judiciary of being anti-Islam. He was not chastised by Jack Layton, and even more worrying, he was not held to account by any other party candidate. It is clear that no party leader wants Islamism raised as an election issue.

Jack Layton, Mansur said "has gone to bed with Islamists." He is running candidates in Ontario and Quebec who are closely identified with the push for Sharia law, which, all the panelists made clear is the litmus test for dividing real moderate Muslims from Islamists. Fatah also expressed his contempt for the Ontario Human Rights Commission which, he asserted is "infiltrated by Islamists": There are commissioners in the OHCR closely linked to the Canadian Islamic Congress and the Canada-Arab federation, both of which, according to Fatah, have "contempt for Canadian values." Anyone, he says, "who brings religion into politics should be suspect" because they "are a threat to western civilization." The NDP's failure to interrogate their Muslim supporters for fear of revealing their Islamism is the "racism of lower expectations."

Raheel Raza introduced herself as "the proud recipient of a fatwa" for having the gall to try to lead prayers. She shared her joy in having the freedom in Canada to be spiritually religious without fear of political coercion, something she could never have in a Muslim country: "No Muslim country would allow me the rights I have here." She knows she is being monitored from abroad, since she received her fatwa by e-mail from Saudi Arabia. How would they have known about her if she were not being informed on by Islamists here? She cannot fathom why politicians pander to the Islamists. Actually she can fathom it. "Political correctness" will not allow politicians to raise the question of allegiance in their Muslim supporters.

As for feminists, where are they? Also pandering. They have not spoken up about the Talibanist woman in Mississauga who teaches the virtues of polygamy to her female students, nor have they criticized a cleric who openly admits to performing polygamous marriages. Feminists seem to have lower expectations for Muslim women than for themselves: what Tarek Fatah calls "left wing racism." Ms Raza is, according to an Islamist website, #5 of the "most hated Muslims in the world." "My aim," she chuckles, "is to become #1."

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