Sunday, October 26, 2008

Looking at the Left: See Them Know Them Oppose Them

That's the title of a blog that has some must-see photos from a weekend Obama rally in Denver.

• Festival of Obama, October 26, 2008 · Looking at the Left


Charles Henry said...

Regarding the photo of the gullotine...

... I remember the halcyon days when voters used to use brooms as the symbols associated with hoped-for transfer of power... guess those innocent times are forever behind us.

I'm sure the French Revolution metaphor is not lost on the committed carpenter who gave his weekend to build this macabre parade float.

What's next in the left's theater of the absurd... a hangman's noose?

Dag said...

It shows that some people have no sense of right and wrong. without that, what are we to do about our nation? This cannot go on as it is. Something must snap. The contradiction will become to intense to bear. Some grand synthesis? Maybe, but what does one find to work with in this lot?

Charles Henry said...

It goes to show how Love and Hate are interchangeable unless Love is animated with certain guiding principles.

Our pastor was telling us this weekend about an anecdote from his past, about a mother who committed suicide; her family found her hanging in the basement. She left a note, attesting to how much she "loved" her husband, and her sons. What kind of "love" is that..?

It's not that they have no sense of right and wrong; they just have the wrong sense of right and wrong. At some point a crossroads was reached, and they took the left turn at Alberquerque. Then one step followed another, then another, until they find themselves down the road a ways from the path that others have taken.

Talking with them, working with them, involves a lot of time invested in walking backwards, back to the intersection point. The patience and perseverance necessary in this investment is a great test of faith; try as I might, it's still beyond my present means, for the most part. But I'm trying.

What inspires me to keep going, is the sense that their very hatred is a sign that they want to return back on to the right path, as their loathing of the other side surely burns from a fire fueled by a projection of all the pain and suffering their own personal decisions have brought upon themselves.

One day they see only one, ultimate, way of re-balancing the scale... and as a sign of the "love" they have for those of us walking alongside them, on other trails, they reach for correction at the end of a rope.