Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Infidolls - and a note about Rene Girard

Find your fun in The Four Mass'keteers' sales pitch for the Angry Mob Playset:

Hey kids! It's time to work yourself - and, of course, others, silly! - into an angry mob!

Think you're not a joiner? Didn't get on the Big O Bandwagon in the fall? So what?

Haven't you wanted to lower your level of consciousness and become part of a whole greater than the sum of its parts, just like those cartoon-protesting, church-burning, victim-seeking hoards in picturesque, exotic places (like London and Minneapolis)? Well, now you can!

But wait! There's more! Buy an 'angry mob' set (pictured above) for your favorite nephews or nieces. It's never too early to start practicing!
But the reason I link to the main page of the The Four Mass'keteers is that I know at least one person here has expressed interest in reading some Rene Girard, and I notice that for the last few days, at least, the blog has been featuring excerpts from Girard's books. Here's one I like:
The modern tendency to minimize religion could well be, paradoxically, the last remnant among us of religion itself in its archaic form, which seeks to keep the sacred at a safe distance. The trivialization of religion reflects a supreme effort to conceal what is at work in all human institutions, the religious avoidance of violence between the members of the same community.

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