Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama gives up teleprompter

Osama Barka has been giving the impression that he's not only punch drunk but that he can't think for himself. So he's given up the teleprompter. I say: "Good for You, President Osama!"

Now I feel that I can trust the man and his formidable intelligence to tells it as he sees it.


michelle said...

Lol good post! & Good for Obama

Dag said...

Michelle, I heartily agree with you there. It's obvious Osama thinks for himself now, if only judging by the tie he's wearing. I mean, who would be seen in public like that but a man with his own mind? Dynamic and yet subdued; silky but wooden; black and white but slanted. I'm getting pretty good vibes from all this. I say this too: "Go, Osama, Go."