Monday, March 16, 2009

A woman in hijab is gunned down in the streets of California...

...The suspect is Hispanic. What is the first thing that comes to your mind: anti-Islamic hate crime? family feud contract killing? drug dealers' war? Miss Kelly : Passing Off Rumor as Fact, Alia Ansari's Tragic Death describes the industry that makes a living from promoting one scenario.

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Dag said...

Fjordman, consistently without bibliographical references, quotes Mohamed Rasoel, The Downfall of the Netherlands, Land of the Naive Fools:

"Being offended is sometimes a form of aggression."

Fjordman, Defeating Eurabia, Brussels Journal Books/ Lulu Press; 2008; pp.178-79.

Mohamed Rasoel, as far as I can tell, is a Pakistani apostate. His book was written in 1990, and then shortly thereafter banned by the Dutch government as hate-literature. Someone was a offended. Same country wherein an offensive documentarist was murdered for criticizing Islam.