Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Memorable Auction In Winnipeg

Here's a heart-warming story out of Winnipeg that suggests how often sudden initiative can play a role in acts of kindness:

Last Thursday turned into a memorable evening for auctioneer Andy Kaye. Unpaid storage fees had led to the regrettable sale of a storage locker's contents at Kaye's Auctions. A three year-old boy approached auctioneer Andy before the sale began, to ask him if he could "have some of his toys". His mom was present as well, as it was their family's possessions being auctioned off.

"Sure", said Andy, "Go Ahead."

After the young fellow had grabbed what few toys his little figure could handle, the auction started in earnest. Karen, a longtime regular of Kaye's auctions, bid for a couple of the boxes on sale, and immediately donated them back to the family.

One by one other attendees followed Karen's example, and by the end of the auction the mother and son had received much of their stored possessions back again.

"I've been in this business a long time," says Andy, "and I have to tell you, that was really something. The little guy's mom certainly had tears in her eyes."

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