Thursday, August 14, 2008

Normal Schizophrenic Canadian Vacationing in Denver Found Dead with Pound of Cyanide, Not a Jihadi.

"He was fine. He was just a normal person."

The pound of cyanide found in a Denver hotel room with the Muslim's corpse? Well, a souvenir, of course. The man's sister says he was normal, so that's it. Normal.

"In Ottawa, Mr. Dirie's sister told the Citizen that her brother suffered from mental illness, and she angrily rejected any suggestion that he was tied to terrorism or had any intention of harming Mr. Obama."

Canadians have a northern, deep-snow sense of normal, maybe. Who are we to judge?

"He was not a terrorist," said the sister, who declined to give her name. "We don't want to hear that word, it hurts us. It is against our religion."

I'm becoming more convinced each line that a pound of cyanide in a Denver hotel room is just normal prior to the Democratic Convention.

"Her brother, she said, had travelled alone to Colorado for a vacation. The family, she said, was devastated to learn that he had died in his Denver hotel room. "He was just going on a trip," his sister said." .... Mr. Dirie's sister said her brother had been doing well since he began receiving treatment for his illness at the Royal Ottawa Hospital about three years ago.

"He was fine. He was just a normal person."

Her brother was taking his medication regularly when he left Ottawa, she said, and was not suicidal. She did not know how or why he would have come in contact with cyanide....

Not possibly related to this:

What? Are you crazy?


Unknown said...

"DENVER - An advocacy group for Somali immigrants has cautioned against linking terrorism to a Canadian man found dead in a Denver hotel with more than 400 grams of highly toxic sodium cyanide in his room."

Heh they may be right: this could just be for use in regular SOmali clan warfare.

Anonymous said...

Another coincidence: Monkeys type entire newspaper issues regularly.

So why was a Somali immigrant to Canada (possibly nuts) in Denver with a pound of cyanide days before the Democratic National Convention in Denver?

Why not Quebec? Or New York? Or Trinidad? Why not 2 pounds? No pounds? In a hotel? For how long? Paid by whom? How'd he get there?

Oops, if you add some acid to a couple crystals you get an invisible gas that will kill you if you breathe it in. Oops, there goes 15 years of preparation to be a sleeper.