Thursday, January 20, 2011

The self-mutilation of Europe continues, now even Denmark lives in shame...

The following message from the Canadian Branch of the International Free Press Society and the linked page must serve to motivate us to carry the fight to the enemies of freedom everywhere:

As it has become known that the Danish public prosecutor is actually going ahead with his trial of Free Press Society President Lars Hedegaard, (set to begin on January 24, 2011), protests against the trial have arrived in great numbers.

A common theme in many of these protests and declarations of support for Lars Hedegaard is an awareness that the trial does not only have significance for free speech in Denmark but will have repercussions throughout the West.

We are asking for assistance in spreading the expressions of support from several noteworthy defenders of freedom of speech from around the world, complete article here: Massive International Support for Lars Hedegaard.
Massive International Support for Lars Hedegaard :: IFPS-Canada


Pieface said...

truepeers, your background knowledge and reasoning ability; peerless.

truepeers said...

Thanks pieface,

However I have to say I am very fortunate to have peers, though not true peers (truepeers! is sort of an imperative, a horizon that ever recedes and so we can never reach it, though we must keep it forever in sight), who have taught me everything, including my love for paradox:

I chose this blogging name because the more we respect each other as peers the more we recognize there can be no true peers. We are at once completely dependent on others for our learned desires and knowledge; and yet the more we appreciate this, the more we are becoming unique persons in our own right.

Pieface said...

Amen. To all of that. About your comment that all Jews are "priests", you mean of course intermediaries are not recognized in Judaism, that Jews speak directly to God of their own accord...?

I should explain that what I have read of your comments are admirable in their content revealing the depth of your assembled understanding of what you write of.

Still, I can't see why we should find fault with others who share much of our perceptions but whose mode of expression may not be as finessed.

truepeers said...

Pieface, Exodus 19:6 refers to Israel as "a kingdom or priests and a holy nation". This passage has been taken up to explain an ideal of Rabbinic Judaism. Jewish ritual retreats from the temple into the home where all play a part in upholding the purifying rules and rituals of the religion. Speaking technically, I think a priest is someone who performs a sacrifice, so I'm not sure we can call Jews "priests" just because they speak directly to Hashem and no longer have temple rituals; but if one sees Jewish family life as having sacrificial elements, then i think it justifies the term.

On your last point, you are right. Sometimes I lose my temper and usually regret it afterword. In the case of "firebrand", I perhaps also delude myself into thinking that what this "Independent Jewish Voice" needs is something to knock him or shock him out of his mental constructs which look to me like being trapped in unrealistic and uncharitable resentment of his own people, which is something that leaves me too righteous in turn.

But maybe I'm not quite catching to what you refer by shared perceptions. i hope i am not kidding myself when I say i try to remember the primary importance of humble people simply being honest in their struggle to apprehend reality. I like to think I'd often take the reality of the honest worker more seriously than the fanciful imagination of many intellectuals. But, and here maybe you know i'm wrong, i see "firebrand" tending more to the deluded intellectual than the honest worker; and that's why I try to hit him with his errors.

Pieface said...

Truepeers, I cannot fault you in any of those expressed sentiments. I would respond no differently. I'm utterly taken aback by the sneering blasts emanating from the thought processes of those like "firebrand" who fancy themselves forward thinkers and think nothing of slandering a nation of which they are, alas, a portion. The organization of which he is a part is pathetically intellectually self-immolating. You have my regards.