Thursday, November 16, 2006

14-year old suicide bomber caught at Israeli checkpoint

From Israeli tv, this report (a few months old now) shows a 14-and-a-half year old muslim who left his home to blow himself up either at the Shchem (Nablus) checkpoint, in order to kill soldiers, or within Israel itself, to kill anybody he could hurt, whether they be babies, the elderly or other 14-and-a-half years olds.
The child has considerable difficulty in removing the belt of explosives, because, as it turns out, they are not really designed to be taken off... the expectation, naturally enough, is that once you're wearing it, you will be dead before you will be undressed.
As the cautious guards insist he remove the remainder of his clothing, as a security measure, the child seems to become more upset at being seen in his underwear, than he was when wearing a belt-full of explosives..!

With monsters such as these as their enemy, it is remarkable that Israelis can still demonstrate the humanity that they do. I ask myself: were I in the shoes of the Israeli sentries, would I possess the discipline, the civility, to point my rifle and not blow that... that... person's... head clean off for what he tried to do? What to think of the human beings who recruited and sent this pathetic 14-year old in the first place... how they must smile at the gullibility of their flock.
Is this news piece to be a glimpse into Canada's future? Is this scene to become commonplace throughout the entire western world, at all our borders with islam, whether it be in the Middle East, or France's banlieus? Are these checkpoints the inevitable adaptation to the co-existence between the 21st century, and islam?

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dag said...

The anti-Semite, anti-American, anti-Humanist fools of today will tomorrow be our fools. We won't have the luxury of a movement that appeals only to decent and honorable people with good sense and a love of Humanity generally: we will have thee followers of fashion, the fools of fads, the freaks of fringe; the same creepy people who today rage about the Jews and the paternalistic system and the inherent racism of evil capitalism will in time turn to the cliches that devolve from our programme; it cannot be helped that we wil have our own fringies because they will always be with whomever is the in-crowd or the out-crowd, anyone oone can follow with a sense of difference and meaningfulness.

I bring this up because there are among us those who today vilify the Jews and the Americans and capitalists and so on from a sense of what I will call "false indignation." The person in the story above means nothing to those who want to feel something rather than nothing, and who find indignation charming in its religious sense. The creepy fool who is no one and nothing in his individual life is suddenly transformed in his righteous indignancy to someone important, moral, and indignant, someone others should pay attention to, someone who knows great and deep truths. And it's all a sham, having nothing to do with a terrified little boy who camne close to dying and close to killing others for no reason at all. but that matters naught to the indignat fool, to the one who cares only for his pose as seen in public, the stuff that fills his hollowness. Yes, we'll attact them too in time. Everything seems to have its parasites. Those Left fools who claim to be indignant or more in light of the boy sent to murder Jews, who claim jihad is the fault of the Jews, they are the same ones who would have screamed for blood as feminists, as ecologists, as Christians, as Jew-killing Nazis. It matters not the occasion or the tropes, only that one is able to feel something big, something better than the genuine emptiness of their selves as they are. What are these people when they are alone in a dark room?

We'll have them among us too. Success means we'll attract parasites, So, few as we are today I do enjoy the purity of our own. The fact that our own are genuinely sickened by the behaviour of our enemies is a good sign, one that makes me pleased to be with such people, and that makes me confident that even when we're covered with parasites we'll still have a core of great people doing some great thing.