Friday, November 17, 2006

Verdict in bizarre BC mountain nightmare

The North Shore News, a free weekly paper serving the cozy community of North Vancouver, British Columbia, a city perched in the shadows of beautiful Grouse Mountain, puts on the kid gloves to discuss the sick case of an Afghan refugee who, according to the article, seems to have tried to kill 3 hikers simply because they were asian:

A 29-year-old Vancouver man has been handed four months of house arrest as part of an 18-month conditional sentence after being found guilty of a bizarre attack on the Grouse Grind last summer.

[The "Grouse Grind" is a heavily-traveled, steep, and famously challenging public trail that leads up the side of Grouse Mountain]
...[Zamanshah Mansouri], an Afghan refugee, was sentenced ...after being found guilty of the assault following a trial this summer.
In an apparently racially motivated attack, Mansouri roughed up a woman who was hiking up the Grind on April 24, 2005 with her sister and boyfriend. Mansouri apparently targeted the group, who were all of Asian descent, because he didn't like Asians.
The woman who was in the lead on the hike said she came across Mansouri, a total stranger to her, blocking the middle of the Grind and telling her to get off the trail. She said he then swung his pack at her and jumped on her. The two struggled on the ground and he tried to push her over an embankment. She said Mansouri then picked up a large rock and hurled it towards her boyfriend.
Mansouri's defence lawyer Mobina Jaffer detailed the horrific conditions of his early life in Afghanistan and Russia, including being sent to live in a concentration camp for two years and losing contact with his family for 13 years.
He was later reunited with them in Canada through the efforts of the Red Cross. While under house arrest, Mansouri was ordered not be outside his house except for work, to visit his mother or go to the mosque.


truepeers said...

18 months house arrest (and visits to the Mosque!) for attempted murder (which is what it was, whatever the charge)?

WHat??!! If we don't stop feeling sorry for the bloody violent because they are "victims" we can only blame ourselves when they really treat us with the contempt we deserve for trying to be holier than they can ever be, which they will take to mean that we are not holy at all, just pompous bastards.

Send the judge a copy of Vision of the Anointed

dag said...

It's only four months of house arrest in an 18 month conditioinal sentence, which I assume means the criminal can go to jail if he does anything else wrong in that time. But if a guy gets four months house arrest for attempted murder we can assume that if he violates his probation and does go to prision it'll be in a hospital where he'll receive councelling for his low self-esteem.

I don't understand this place. I see vigilante mobs on the horizon, even if this is Canada. How long can people tolerate insanity? The only rational reaction to this is insanity. If the majority of citizens here will not or cannot bring about normal penalties for basic and obvious crimes against people and the general society, then in self-defence the sane minority should fend for themselves if the majority abandons them to savages and dhimmi gnostics. There's only so much veneer covering anyone, Canadians or no, and it wears thin, revealing a pretty basic person, one likely to go to extremes in reaction to insanity.

"Even a worm will turned when stepped upon."

It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. It takes a nutter to think it won't happen. If and when it does, then innocent people will be swept up in the insane reaction, becoming genuine victims of mass madness provoked and unstoppable. Who's to blame of the coming tragedies of innocent people falling victims to enraged vigilantes? The Anointed. House arrest isn't enough, as far as I'm concerned. Those who prepare the mass of mankind to commit murder out of shear frustration and unleashed hatred of the norm, psychotic as it is, the anointed, should be, pardon my hyperbole, HANGED FROM LAMPOSTS!

When people live in a failed state such as Canada they will eventually take the law into their own hands, and then God help us all. But who can blame the people for a righteous rage? Those responsible are those gnostics of today who stoke the fires of tomorow's fury.

No law, just fury.