Thursday, November 09, 2006

Covenanting tonight: seeking perspective

Who can deny the value in getting to look at one's beliefs through the eyes of others, and gain a fresh perspective on things?

We'll be meeting at our usual time and place, 7:00 pm within the Atrium of the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library, wearing our blue scarfs in solidarity with France's Blue Revolution, the inspirational band of patriotic french citizens who also meet to renew their faith in their nation as it seemingly withers before their very eyes.

We'll be looking to meet readers of our blog to discuss the issues of the day, such as how the US elections might affect us here in Canada. We'll be particularly discussing the writings of author and columnist Thomas Sowell, whose work continues to challenge and illuminate our view of our world.


truepeers said...

Thanks for getting this up, Charles. I wanted to post something last night but my ISP went down. I am deep in thoughts on how we can encourage ourselves to renew our faith in tough times. I was thinking about how there is so much misery among conservative bloggers due to the recent US election. I don't think there is any obvious way to sum up the result of the election. One can find some grounds for optimism - ultimately it is a question of what we will make of the result that really matters. How do we make it into a sign that we can use? A lot of the Dem candidates turned conservative to win; now their leaders are going to have to learn the role of responsible adult, etc. But to force responsibility on these people, we need as Wretchard says in this post to keep our eye on the external enemy, on the Jihadists and not let anyone forget where the real threat lies. Wretchard is always worth reading. I also particularly liked one comment on this post, by Jacko:

There is no doubt that we feel exposed now. That so many folks may not be ready to fight is an incredibly frightening thought.

And yet, is that really the case? I would suggest that the MSM literally finally won this election for the Democrats. That the country would generally feel negative during one of the strongest economies in recent times and while we are inevitably winning the grind in Iraq is a testament to the negative blanket that the MSM has thrown over us for the last 4 years.

It may be that in the short run, it is impossible for a Republican President to effectively lead in this country. And when the going got tough, the newly born conservative blogosphere folded and declared a well deserved defeat with all the import of your post at stake.

We are well and truly too myopic to get it. Even on the right. We will now retreat to the Shire with Gondor unprotected. And those of us in Rohan tell them they deserve it.

We are in trouble. And only a relatively short time is on our side. There is no articulate Churchill on the horizon to intelligently rally the right, and unlike then, most of the competents have long ago fled the arena. Who shall we look to: Allen, McCain, Romney, Guiliani? God help us.

Let us sit and ponder and gather our resolve; there are strategies to build both national and personal. For we must gather ourselves. The road will be steeper than it had to be, and the right is inarticulate and without much clarity.

Sooner or later though, it will be time again to hoist the flag. Be ready to win.

See you tonight!

dag said...

I'm charged! Look forward to seeing all this evening.