Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spooking France's Che Guevara fans

From the brave freedom fighters at LaBAf ("the Brigade of the money of the french", La Brigade de l'Argent des Français), the same courageous souls whom you may have seen during the Danish mohammed cartoon madness, facing down a veritable army of homophobic islamist racists marching down the streets of Paris, and being secreted away by undercover french police before they could be lynched by the frenzied mob.
Here's a new(er) video from the same group, this time being a necessary thorn in the side of that perennial fixture of grotesque imbecility that seemingly despoils every city with a university: the willing fools who parade through our streets wearing Che Guevera apparel.

The LaBAF squad approach Che's fans in France, and drop a few historical facts about the left's favorite scumbag, evidently all news to his devoted groupies.
Will Che's followers see the light, convert, and accept to wear LaBAF's anti-Che t-shirts instead? Watch the video and see! The suspense, like Che Guevara himself, will kill you...
(French video but with english subtitles provided by LaBaf)

Not all France is Jacques Chirac. There are voices of sanity, and acts of courage, behind the multiculti cult of self-flagellation that so often ends up speaking for France.
Vive La France Libre!

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