Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We meet this Thursday in solidarity with France's Revolution Bleue

I know that the news that members of the Blue Revolution in France have been arbitrarily arrested by Sarkozy's lackeys will stir us here in Vancouver to a hearty meeting this Thursday in solidarity with our blue patriot friends in France. We meet every Thursday in the atrium of the Vancouver Public Library, central branch, in front of Blenz coffee, 7-9 pm. Usually we wear the blue scarf as a symbol of what first motivated our meetings: sharing in the patriotism and desire for national renewal that the Revolution Bleue symbolizes in France. See you there, so that we can work to avoid in Canada the degree of darkness in which France is now mired, and so we can help assure our French friends that people abroad will not forget them and will do what they can to defend the principle of national self-rule in every country. The empire of multiculturalism, or EU post-nationhood, will sooner or later bring arbitrary misrule to all lands where the bureaucrats and neo-feudal lords, not the people, rule. Only when all Canadians commit to the imperative that we all try to represent each other in political life, that we must be able freely to exchange our differences with each other, and restrict those differences that cannot be freely exchanged, in the name of a free Canadian personhood that stands above and beyond any other identity, can we be safe from the brutal logic that is the inevitable end point of an imperious Sarkozy type playing one group off against another. Look at France and learn, mes amis.

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