Friday, November 10, 2006

Muslims and sex crimes in London

Sir Henry Morgan whom we first visited for his study of the Religion of Peace figures on worldwide terror attacks since 9/11, is back with a study correlating London police sex crime statistics with census figures on the percentage of Muslim inhabitants in London boroughs. While there is some roughness around the edges of his study, I think it is clear that there is some correlation between the presence of a significant number (5-10 percent) of Muslims and sex crimes.

I wonder if this reflects primarily a Pakistani-Muslim phenomenon in London or a more generally Muslim one. Probably the latter: Sir Henry's findings are not surprising given the reporting by Fjordman and others on Muslim rape in Western cities; in any case, Sir Henry provides some interesting charts and readable commentary to add to the picture that is developing. I do not believe this sex criminality can be explained as simply a product of social backwardness or racism - the difference between the behaviour and success of Hindus and Sikhs and Muslims in Britain is widely noted; while backwardness and resistance to modernity surely plays a role (in which religion is both a cause and effect) this is a reflection of a monotheism modelled on the revelation and practices of Mohammed. Islam needs to change how it interprets itself, or be gone from Western cities.


Debbie said...

Excellent article. I missed this one, but I'm not surprised at all. Some other research shows that the reason so many young Muslims are ready to strap on the old suicide belt is sexual frustration.

truepeers said...

Debbie, i'm sure you're right about the sexual frustration (and polygamy) playing a role. Of course when I'm sexually frustrated I don't think of strapping on the belt. Ultimately Islam is the motivation for these specific acts.