Monday, November 06, 2006

More fuel for the fire in France's civil war

Michel Thooris, secretary general of France's major police union, Action Police, issues some advice on combating the wave of fiery crimes currently engulfing that beleaguered nation:

[Translated by myself from the french blog BafWeb, France's answer to the Drudge Report]

"Decrees must be made and a law must be voted for prohibiting the sale of oil in jerrycans at gas stations, prohibiting all forms of transporting gas, and submitting identity cards for all purchases of inflammable products.
Finally there must be marked reinforcement of prison sentences for those who syphon gasoline. Most of the time, syphoned gas is not resold but is used for being thrown as part of Molotov cocktails against the services of the State."


truepeers said...

Man, who is this guy kidding: regulating all flammables - is he going to provide armed guards at every cognac counter? This seems to me like desperate grasping in the last days of the prelude to...

In England, some mainstream people are starting to talk about war

dag said...

My retarded friend Clarence calls me a "war mongrel," and because he picks things somewhat uncritically he also says canada should nuke America. I got him off that topic once by giving him a piece of blue silk to stroke. He liked it quite a lot. clare isn't a bad guy, he's just very much mentally retarded. In the area where my friend and I had a small business nearby to where clare lives I found that he was being beaten up by a couple of locals who liked tormenting him for its own sake. I put a stop to that, and because I did no one died, no one ended up in prison, no one is mutilated. Clare can wander around and stay relatively safe because no one wants to provoke a response by harming him. That keeps the tough guys safe. So if I can figure it out, what's wrong with the geniuses running France? If they don't put a stop to the yoots soon, then there will come a time when men like me-- but humorless and nasty-- will take it upon themselves to mete out reality to the psychotics who are smart enough to realise they can get away with murder up till the point they can't. And then it's too late. Once again we witness murder by socialism.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm some insensitive bad guy who doesn't indulge in sharing and caring and giving back to the comminity. I'm a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobe. I'm an idiot who doesn't grasp the intricacies of the bushitler conspiracy to enrich the oil barons in Washington. And yet I am still aware enough to see the rage building that will turn the West into Jugoslavias by the dozens. Been there, done that, don't recommend it to the average normal person. But if we don't rid ourselves of our foolish sentimentalities and utopian psychoses we'll find ourselves up to our ankles in guts and sewage and stink. Done that too, and it's not worth it. A bit of common sense and ordinary Human decency rightly applied wheere needed willl save lives by the millions. I suspect I'm pissing in the wind when it comes to critical analyses of the geniuses who are actually in control of things.

The Left fascist dhimmis don't like me. Fine, then wait till they meet the bad guys, the ones who are fed up and not as reasonable as I.

truepeers said...

Dag, it seems the French are scared to death of SMS - Sudden Martyr Syndrome. They will allow injuries to their cops in the thousands without fighting back with sufficient force, lest they create a martyr and all hell breaks loose. In other words, keep the lid on until Sarkozy is elected. And then....? I'm coining a new term "Sarkosis".