Sunday, February 10, 2008

Are Canadians subsizing the evil of polygamy?

Muslim officials say yes; Canadian officials say no, at least not officially, hehe. In any case, anyone who can say, as does Mumtaz Ali, president of the Canadian Society of Muslims - in reference to the current furore over the British government's decision to recognize polygamous marriages, contracted overseas (wherever that is in the era of the world wide web), when determining a family's welfare rates - that
Canada is a very liberal-minded country," ... "Canada is way ahead of Britain in this respect."
is someone who needs an education on why the concepts of "liberal" and "polygamy" are contradictory. But, sad to say, one can today imagine how a Canadian chap could come not to appreciate this contradiction. Perhaps we have here another schmuck misled by the Liberal Party of Canada? Or is this form of denying what liberalism (a word which I believe derives, etymologically, from an idea of sons being collectively liberated from the rule of the father and his horde) was once clearly about, just his way to avoid thinking about the unmarried losers back home who want to die for Allah, since they have no hope of any other bride, or about the women who whine to husband that wife #1 is being a tyrant , or letting her daughter act like a slut at school?

Canadians should be ashamed to think about what they are subsidizing in the larger world. Our political leaders and their attitudes towards "liberal" immigration policies that allow polygamous families to form in Canada (thus subsidizing their formation abroad) need to receive unsolicited letters on the meaning of liberalism, on the development needs of countries like Pakistan, and lessons on the necessary basis, in family structure, of a free society in which the individual is at the core of our shared Canadian understanding of what is sacred.

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