Monday, February 04, 2008

100 Rampaging Youth In Paris Suburb

Not five, not fifteen, but a gang of one hundred French Youths attacked French police in the Paris suburb of Courcouronnes this weekend.

Translated from Le Parisien: Tensions in Courcouronnes
Police had to resort to firing flash-ball guns during a face-off with one hundred people, Saturday night in the Canal neighborhood of Courcouronnes (Essone), it was learned Sunday from police sources.

Police fired flash-ball guns and tear gas to disperse a group of youths who answered by throwing various projectiles, the same source said.

Police officers proceeded with identity checks but there was not a single arrest. No one was wounded, it was said.

The police were initially called in by residents who were complaining about forty rioters in a square, a group rapidly joined by over fifty more guests from a party in the neighborhood. The face-off lasted more than an hour.
If you're planning on visiting the southern Parisian suburb of Courcouronnes, to obtain a follow-up on this or other stories taking place there, please consider the safety measures suggested by the region's official website, on how to visit Courcouronnes: [my translation]
"Theft from cars: do not tempt the devil!"
...Even when you are behind the wheel, keep vigilant. Remember to never leave your bag, or any other object of value, in plain sight on the seats. Instead, place your personal objects in the shadows, or on the floor and redouble your caution whenever the windows of the vehicle are open. Never hesitate to lock [yourself in] your car, even after you've reached your building's parking.
They're honest with the tourists, even if they are keeping the deteriorating conditions largely secret from other citizens. Was there any coverage of this story in the French press beyond this one mention..?? I didn't see it. Will it only become newsworthy when the rioting youth grow from platoon and company strength to regimental and brigade scale in numbers?

[Thanks to Le Salon Beige, who make special mention of the lack of arrests in this case.]

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