Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Terry Glavin on the MAWO-NDP alliance

Taliban Jack: How the NDP lost its way on the Afghan war:
Two weeks before the NDP convention, an immigration board hearing in Vancouver found that Bodine, an American, had misrepresented herself to Canadian border officials to get into Canada. The ruling brought an end to a MAWO campaign, endorsed by such respected NDP figures as the MPs Libby Davies and Bill Siksay, that based its claims on a government plot to target "anti-war" activists.

Bodine was ordered to leave Canada. Her opening- night NDP convention speech was her last activist gig in this country. She got a standing ovation.

Meanwhile, back in Toronto-Danforth and its environs, the Toronto Stop The War Coalition, the Canadian Peace Alliance and several affiliated groups are busy making good on their oath, which 20 of their delegates pledged to Hamas and Hezbollah in Cairo a few months ago, to redouble their efforts against Zionism and imperialism, here in Canada.
As Terry also notes, MAWO is run by a cult. The last (only) time I saw Alison Bodine, she was a featured speaker at a MAWO hate fest at the Burnaby Public Library, vigorously defending the genocidal regime of Sudan against the forces of Western imperialism.

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