Sunday, February 10, 2008

English Dhimmi Christian Joke

The best comment I've heard on the Rowan Williams affair is from a chap who just called in to Radio Five.

After saying he was a proper Christian, unlike Rowan Williams, he said:

Jesus Christ will be turning in his grave.


On a more serious note:
An artist has turned Lincoln Cathedral into a mosque in a protest against comments made by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Local artist Andrew Riddle said he found the Archibishop's comments "ludicrous". Mr Riddle, an artist and farmer from Corringham, near Gainsborough, said: "His comments seemed so ludicrous to me, the idea that different sections of the population should be subject to different laws. . . there was a different picture in the window, but when I heard his comments it inspired me to do this drawing."
There are cathedrals in Istanbul and Damascus that are now Mosques which I would imagine were Mr Riddle's inspiration.Top left, Mr Riddle's drawing, bottom right a photograph of the West Front. The third central tower is hidden from view at this angle.

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