Saturday, February 09, 2008

Union of Bloggers

Ezra Levant continues to advance the idea of a mutual (legal) aid society for bloggers, to protect from libel suits and "human rights" prosecutions:Announcing the Union of Bloggers. This looks to promise a real advance of liberty and responsibility in this country. Let's cheer Ezra on.

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Dag said...

I'm for it. If all it takes is a short email and a buck or two a month, what a small price to pay for a major gain in freedom. I can't lose.

Rob Misek said...

Me too. But I believe we would be better served by centralizing bloggers rights under the umbrella of a mainstream media provider.

Lets face it, bloggers discuss news. We just do it more openly and democratically than any partisan mainstream media provider ever will.

Together and by sharing a legal department our funds could support freedom of speech and help inspire a new technologically democratic non-partisan mainstream media provider.

Call it a vision if you will.