Thursday, February 21, 2008

Covenant Zone Meeting - Vancouver Public Library

Due to my back being a little out of whack, I have not sat down to type up the post that will motivate all you readers out to the Vancouver Public Library, Monday night, to let the librarians know what the people of Vancouver think of their resentful use of public resources:
Feb 25, 2008
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Greg Felton
Library Events - VPL
Location: Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch 350 W. Georgia St., Alma VanDusen and Peter Kaye room
An event held in conjunction with Freedom to Read week. Greg Felton presents his book "The Host and the Parasite: How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America." A journalist since 1993, Felton has won several awards for investigative reporting and column writing. (Free admission)
Date: Monday Feb 25, 2008
Vancouver Public Library
Contact: Programming Office (604) 331-4044
But hopefully such a post is not necessary. Scroll down the page for our earlier posts on this matter. I will try to have another post up later today. For now, just a note to remind Vancouver area readers that Covenant Zone meets every Thursday, 7-9 pm, in the atrium of the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library, in front of Blenz Coffee. All committed to renewing the covenant by which we can guarantee each other's freedom - all interested in discussing, for example, how we can live in a country where Jews are free from high public officials giving intellectual stamps of approval to loony Judephobic conspiracy posturing posing as serious criticism of Israel, all the while preserving our freedom of speech (without providing public money, space, and time to hate mongers) - are welcome to join us.


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I look forward to meeting people who care about universal Human rights, people who are genuinely concerned about the good of life, and who like to have a coffee and discuss rationally and calmly how to make things in our nations a little better. So come early and let's meet.

After the talk I hope we can assemble again for further discussion at our usual place. See you then, see you there.