Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Soharwardy leaves the field

Syed Soharwardy wants a "hudna" says Ezra Levant, on the news that the man who took him to the Alberta "Human Rights" tribunal is withdrawing his claim, which cost him nothing, while Levant says he spent $100,000 and who knows how much time and energy defending himself.

Unfortunately, this may also give an out to the Alberta Human Rights Commission, that their functionaries need not pass judgment on Levant's speech nor be lambasted by higher courts for their willingness to take on such a ridiculous case.

Let us not forget that many more "human rights" nuisance claims have been and are presently being waged against the exercise of our free speech.

Ezra says he will sue Soharwardy for abuse of process, claiming that Soharwardy has basically admitted that he was using Canadian laws in an attempt to impose Sharia law on Canada.

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