Saturday, February 14, 2009

And then I laughed

Was I ever excited. Obama looked to be proving me wrong on all counts, me thinking till then that Obama is a loser of world historic proportion. I saw this headline, and wow was I ever impressed with his massiveness:

Obama Scores Early Victory of Historic Proportions

Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, February 14, 2009; Page A09

CHICAGO, Feb. 13 -- Twenty-four days into his presidency, Barack Obama recorded last night a legislative achievement of the sort that few of his predecessors achieved at any point in their tenure.

In size and scope, there is almost nothing in history to rival the economic stimulus legislation that Obama shepherded through Congress in just over three weeks. And the result -- produced largely without Republican participation....

And then I laughed. Yes, dear reader, it was then I reverted to my old self, cynical, bitter, a rightwing religious bigot.

In less than three and a half weeks he managed to scam the nation out of nearly a trillion dollar so his friends could pay off his friends. Let's revisit this scenario in a year and three and a half weeks.


truepeers said...

A socialist coup d'etat without, as far as I know, a single murder? Come on, that is a great world historical achievement, at least it would have been!

Dag said...

Osama Barka is a "Povertarian." I mean by it that he makes a fetish of "the poor." The poor are others, a collective group who might or might not exist, but who are reified by missionary work, by those who create a class of people who fit the style if not the content. I mean,as an example, drug-addicts. When they die, they do so often due to povertarianism: they are killed by ideology. Osama is one such ideologue, and the bodies will pile up till we have to burn them, I would guess. So long as the West hangs onto this Romantic sentimentality of loving the poor," this creepy Social gospel perversion of Christianity, there will be the dead at their hands.