Saturday, February 21, 2009

Deserter? my royal canadian foot!

Blazing Catfur calls for attention to the latest antics of Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff's advisor, Warren Kinsella: Kinsella's attempt to pressure TVOntario (the government-owned tv station, in Liberal Party-governed Ontario) to ban "racist" Kathy Shaidle from offering her opinions on Steve Paikin's interview show. Having failed in his campaign, Kinsella is now having a run at Paikin: Blazing Cat Fur: They don't call him the Impotent Lying Jackal for nothing...It's just sad now

Kinsella likes to portray himself as a defender of multiculti values, and of Canadian Jews against hate speech. He also styles himself a fan of Barack Obama. I wonder how he is coming to terms with the latest revelations of Obama's antisemitic tendencies (see here, here and here). I point this out just to point vaguely to the paradoxes of our times that may be driving Kinsella in his five inches of fury: the revelation that left-liberal political correctness and its accompanying "human rights" discourse turns out, when fully revealed, to be antisemitic. Kathy knows this, she knows that PC is anti-freedom which is part of the reason I guess she makes such a show of being politically incorrect in an attempt to wake us up to the real nature and cause of freedom. Yes, there are places and times when we are pushed closer to freedom, not oppression, by being called school-yard names. But try telling that to the Human Rights Commission. Kathy may not always be in touch with those places and times, but those who would pressure TV producers to ban her will probably never know how to judge in anything other than a blind self-righteousness. They certainly won't let others think for themselves and provide the feedback we all need to overcome our delusions.

I was just watching Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's 1941 propaganda film, 49th Parallel (view here). The final scene of the film, which begins roughly at the 1.44.30 mark features a brilliant performance of Canadian diction and values by Raymond Massey, playing a melancholy soldier. Watch the whole thing; many lines jump out at me (for they echo strongly in these times of Jihad) but if I had to quote just a few, I'll pick these, as Massey addresses the Nazi officer who believes in some mystic ties that bind him to his race and can't understand why an AWOL Canadian soldier who whines about his government can still put great faith in the ultimate authority on which his nation's system of government is based:
Why you spoonfed louse. I can grouse about the food and the C.O. and anything I blame please; and that's more than you with your Gestapo and your stormtroopers and your Aryan bushwa. Ah nuts! What's the good of talking to you? You can't even begin to understand democracy. We own the right to be fed up with anything we damn please and say so out loud when we feel like it. And when things go wrong we can take it and we can dish it out too.

Jonathan Kay's take on Paikin and Kinsella.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Wow, just wow. So good I posted an excerpt and link on the The Agenda blog.

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Inspired by the film!