Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Roger Scruton shows the universally-applicable strengths of Judeo-Christian anthropology

Here is a very important article by Roger Scruton, which I will hopefully have time to comment on in a further post: Forgiveness and Irony by Roger Scruton, City Journal Winter 2009


Dag said...

I have a post to place below this one. I have no particular objection to most of what Scruton writes, but one thing does rankle, and I'll leave it below as a post with links and html that I can't figure out to do here a a comment. But that's all it'll be, a quibble but a comment that I hope will enlarge the debate.

Looking forward to Peer's next installment on Srcuton's essay. Worth reading, in my opinion.

truepeers said...

I'll look for your post in the AM.