Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Day Against Antisemitism and Terror - April 19 - website now up

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In your HEART and in your MIND, you know it is time to MARCH to educate the world that Anti-Semitism and Terrorism cannot be tolerated. There are higher values than tolerance. Good must triumph over evil. Knowledge and understanding must triumph over ignorance and hatred. KNOWLEDGE can change history!
Daat means knowledge in Hebrew. In Kabbalah, it means so much more.

Daat is the bridge between intellect and emotion.

We need both.

We need you.
In Kabbalah -

Da'at -is Knowledge, the bridge between the intellect and emotion

The Da'at is the mystical state of unity of the 10 Sephiroth, also called the Tree of Life.

The Sefirot in Jewish Kabbalah

DAAT is also the Day Against Anti-Semitism and Terrorism

We shall march.

We shall be non-violent.

We shall, we must, believe that knowledge and goodness will prevail over ignorance and hate.

Da'at is the bridge between intellect and emotion.

In your mind and in your heart, you know it is time to march against anti-Semitism and Terrorism. This is our opportunity to spread knowledge and goodness.

April 19, 2009.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

DAAT link no work.

Dag said...

Try the link directly above for now.

truepeers said...

Yeah it was working yesterday, but seems they are working on it today. It's a very new blog...

Witness said...

Is this going to be in Vancouver?

truepeers said...

We are not the organizers, but yes i'm sure there will be a Vancouver march and hopefully many more in other cities. Stay tuned.