Friday, February 06, 2009

Big Momma state

Apparently, to some it's now "sexist" and offensive to suggest aggressive male politicians might "shaft" their colleagues while having a metaphorical toss in the sack.
Mike Duffy refuses to apologize after 'offensive' remarks in first speech as senator

I was scratching my head trying to figure out this new use of "sexist", when it brought to mind this article Dag sent me:
If the communist and fascist revolutions embodied the abusive, psychotic father, New Labour’s revolution is that of the overprotective, single mother, robbing her children of independence of thought, and monitoring their every action. The real world, after all, is a nasty, dangerous place, and everyone must be protected from it for as long as possible – preferably forever.

Big Mother – as we might call her – is terrified that any of her children should so much as graze their knee, and forbids “bad words.” “Islamist terrorist”? No, that’s just another “thug” committing more “anti-Islamic activity.”

Did that three year-old say “yuk” to unfamiliar spicy food? Well that’s one big indication that he’ll end up like Adolf Hitler – note that down as a racist incident nursery assistant!

And, speaking of food, what if one of the little ones has a nasty reaction to something they eat? Don’t worry: Cadbury has recently included a warning on the label of its Dairy Milk Chocolate bar that the product contains milk. Another UK company is selling eggs, with the warning “contains eggs” printed right on the box. And the Asda supermarket chain is now selling milk with “warning: contains milk!” printed on the clear plastic container.
Sex is something to be celebrated – so why wait? Children under thirteen are already being given condoms by some schools in the city of Manchester. And watch out for those sex education lessons for five year-olds coming to schools all around the country.

And, one college for 14 to 19 year-olds recently hired poll dancers come in and show off their ‘talent’ – as part of their health and ‘fitness’ week. It’s racy, and inappropriate, but Big Mother did love the Sixties with its wild dancing and free love. So get with the program.

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Eowyn said...

truepeers, those of us who watch the erosion of all that humanity has tried to accomplish, find ourselves dismayed by this milestone of the accomplishment of diluting -- and, thus, destroying -- our own accomplishments.

You're right. The feminization of forward progress has resulted in the ineffectiveness of any forward progress at all.


It's one thing to see -- however through a glass darkly -- what is happening; but another to know how to combat it.