Thursday, February 05, 2009

Don't agonazize! Organazize!

Daat Link Here.


Dag said...

Please hit the link and leave a comment.

Witness said...

The link doesn't say where this is going to be. Is this in Vancouver?

If so, I'll be there.

Dag said...

Witness, we'll have a rally in Vancouver regardless of what Howard is up to, of which I have no idea.

We have to start somewhere, and if it' just us few, then we'll be the round breakers, and proud of it. I'll keep poting on this till the lat few moment, and we will ... what's the old song? "We hall overcome"

Eowyn said...

"Don't agonazize! Organazize!"

At first I thought the Great Communicator had been "misunderestimated" once again ... *grin*

(references both to Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush)

But then I saw it was dag, with his usual twist-o-matic syntax :)

On a serious note: I'm a diligent and dedicated letter-writer to elected officials of all stripes. If people can't physically be somewhere, by all means, they should WRITE. Believe me, that IS how things get accomplished. It seems tedious, it IS work, but trust me: Correspondence from constituents DOES make these yahoos sit up and listen.

I firmly believe that I, a Yank, actually helped the Canadian government pay attention to the egregious abuses of the "Human Rights Commission" such that it is a legitimate topic of debate, rather than some limp-wristed policy that routinely allows lives to be ruined. (During the Macleans debacle, quite frankly, I wrote to each and every provincial government, AND the federal government, whomever I could think of. I'm sure they er, appreciated, my input ;) (If they didn't appreciate it, they sho'nuff paid attention to it.) (And I pulled the "my mom is a native Nova Scotian" card every time. Shameless, I know.)

It's a matter of simply speaking out. They have no choice but to listen and acknowledge.

So ... anyone who CAN show up, must. The rest of us, get on your keyboard.

truepeers said...

Heh, my father is a native-born Nova Scotian; maybe we're related!

Anyway, here's more info on DAAT from Howard

truepeers said...


what am I thinking?