Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Can anyone here read body language?

Obama bows down to King of Saudi Arabia

Then he sits and has a nice chat.

Obama has a nice time with king Abudulla of Jordan.

Obama shakes hands with ole homeboy, Chavez.

Here's the Israeli prime minister

Photo chosen by US Embassy, Belgium.


truepeers said...

Here's one more for you:

But I like what Wretchard says: I don’t think Obama is any more than a man; and I believe it would be a mistake to mystify him in any way for two reasons. First, it conceals the fact that President Obama is a product of larger and deep seated political trends. Even if he didn’t exist, someone like him would. It is the larger forces and trends that need to be met, not Obama the man. Second, making him the incarnation of some kind of cosmic force reduces anyone who disagrees with him to impotence. How can you fight the ‘Anti-Christ’? Or the ‘Devil’? Once you see Obama in these terms, the logical thing to do is to wait until the Angel Gabriel shows up. And that’s a recipe for paralysis.

The best thing to do is simply to act in little ways. Just do something. Write, hold a meeting, work to ensure your prosperity and survival. Surviving is winning. So if you go out and learn to rock climb or make ten million dollars, that’s effective political action. Dreading the Anti-Christ will unman us when we need to be men.

Dag said...

I'm with you there. Obama is not the problem but those who fell for the schtick. Obama is a figurehead for all that's wrong with our nation. He's there because we failed. We failed because we didn't pass on our Nation's raison d'etre to others. Time to do that.

we can start by showing that Americans don't do what Obama does.

truepeers said...

I took another look at that photo. Is that maybe Harper Obama is maybe bowing to, in a hurry before getting down to business with the Saudi? If so, maybe the guy really is out to undermine USAmerica, bringing her back into the pre-1776 commonwealth!