Monday, June 15, 2009

If this goddess speaks....

I've often wondered if the lady on the radio on the London tube trains who says: "Mind the gap." is as good-looking as she sounds. I've always wanted to date the Columbia movies lady, too. I don't know if they're the same woman. Now I have some real doubts. I got curious and looked up Columbia Lady. Mind the Gap lady is next, I do think so.

Columbia Pictures: The Torch Lady

Columbia Pictures was founded in 1919 ....

The studio’s logo is Columbia, the female personification of America. It was designed in 1924 and the identity of the “Torch Lady” model was never conclusively determined (though more than a dozen women had claimed to be “it.”)


The current Torch Lady logo was designed in 1993 by Michael J. Deas, who was commissioned by Sony Pictures Entertainment to return the lady to her “classic” look.
Though people thought that actress Annette Bening was the model, it was actually a Louisiana homemaker and muralist named Jenny Joseph that modeled the Torch Lady for Deas. Rather than use her face, however, Deas drew a composite face made from several computer-generated features.

Some people think Obama is something good, and I have the hots for the Columbia babe. There's reality and there's Obama. Mind the gap.


truepeers said...

ahh, but which face do you have murmuring in your ear?

Anonymous said...

Jenny Joseph is from Houston.