Sunday, June 14, 2009

Laugh? We thought we'd die!

Yes, folks, those kookie-loonies in government are at it again, entertaining the silly-goosest ideas in our time. How funny! How droll. How clever they are. Obamously Hilaryous.

Martin Fletcher, " Iranian President Ahmadinejad celebrates win with show of brutality." Tehran: Times Online. 15 June 2009
Chanting Allahu akbar” — God is greatest — and “Ahmadi, we love you” the army of hardliners poured into central Tehran in a massive show of strength for President Ahmadinejad.[...]

Mr Ahmadinejad gave a surreal, Orwellian press conference.

He called his victory an “epic achievement” that made Iran’s brand of religious democracy, with its emphasis on ethics, a model for the world.

Mr Ahmadinejad dismissed the protests as unimportant, comparing the rioters to disappointed football supporters after a match. He said there was no evidence that he had stolen the election, and that his margin of victory — 28 per cent — was so great that it was absurd to question his legitimacy. “Don’t worry about it. Freedom prevails absolutely in our country,” he told incredulous foreign journalists.


Funnier and funnier:
"Clinton Reverses: Israel on its Own With Iran," from Israel National News, June 14 (thanks to Sr. Soph):
...When asked if her new statement was official U.S. policy, Clinton dodged the question, "I think it is U.S. policy to the extent that we have alliances and understandings with a number of nations. I don't think there is any doubt in anyone's mind that, were Israel to suffer a nuclear attack by Iran, there would be retaliation." Stephanopoulos pressed her: "By the United States?" But Clinton declined to commit: "Well, I think there would be retaliation.”

How are we going to stand any more of this wacky humor from our government? My gut aches already, and it's only been six months of this comedy.

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