Monday, June 22, 2009

Three pigs, no poke

I will return to active blogging soon; in the meantime, a visual metaphor for our times, to be precise, well, you name it:

If anyone knows how to buy one of these recent vintage Honda-cub style bikes in North America, let me know. Here's the original context:
From what I'd previously heard I expected Cambodia to be the "poor cousin" of Thailand, and in many respects that seems to be the case. Even at the border there were throngs of poor-looking Cambodians carting their wares in hand-wagons across to the large market on the Thai side.
The people in the lush and wet countryside live mostly in stilted wooden houses which line the roadside for miles on end. As far as one goes you hear "hello", mostly from under the houses where people seem to live during the day to escape the heat and the rain. The many small motorcycles are put to the utmost tests, often towing fairly large trailers loaded with goods or people - and even large wooden boats. Pigs are generally transported to market on the back of these motorcycles (on their backs with trotters facing the sky). By the time they're in transit these animals have usually stopped sqealing, but one still had some grunt in him and I thought I heard "Farang" as he passed me. The countryside through which I cycled is quite flat, and any hill seems to have some religious significance (although the stone sculptors are cutting up the hills at quite a rate).


Anonymous said...
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Now I'm curious as to what was said in that comment...

truepeers said...

Sorrry Walker, I should have removed it completely; just a commercial link to an annoying website with endless pop-ups:

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Dag said...

Sometimes when I'm lonely and depressed I write spam comments and insert them into my post's comment sections just to give readers the idea that I'm popular. Now I see that you don't even have to make them up, that people just come to you with them. Oh, I feel terrible now. Maybe I'll copy this one and insert it twice under different names.