Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Righteous Victims Accord to Perpetrators

When I was a young guy I had a Catholic priest chasing after me for a while. I don't get it, but then, I miss a lot of things others take for normal. I told this fellow once, in a moment of frustration: "You should be ashamed of yourself." He got this hurt look in his eyes and told me he couldn't help it, and that he didn't think he'd go to Hell for his behavior. I told him he sure would: "How can you ever find forgiveness for this disgraceful lusting? Have you no shame? I'm a Protestant!"

He did leave me with a lasting impression, though, that I find interesting. He told me that religious people don't feel good about what they do; they feel good about what they don't do. "We would never do that!"

Francis Bok's autobiography Escape from Slavery: It's not about the victims, but the oppressor ... they only care if they can loathe the perpetrator.

Comment by Moh Foe:

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The context, of course, is the Leftist/West's abandonment of victims who don't fit the template of the righteous as defined by and according to the Left Westerner. Murdered by jihadis? That's OK. Murdered by Communists? That's even good. But water-boarded by Republicans? Hell and Damnation.

It's a moralism gone to Hell long before the religious fanatic himself ever dies. Are Leftists evil? Only if you look at their behavior.


truepeers said...

It's also apparently better to be raped by Taliban than Republicans (i'd guess).

Anonymous said...

Thomas Landen, over at the Brussels Journal, has something sort of along the same lines:

Dag said...

Some at least of our intelligentsia are extremely bright people; but if they can't think independently they can come to absurd conclusions based on what others have told them to think.

I'd rather have a middling minded farmer for president than a "genius" like Obama, so long as the former can keep the farm going for years and keep the family together and do things of importance. If he can organize his family, maybe he organize the community later. Who'd know. Can he get the crops to market and pay his bills? That counts. That's about all the smarts our political leaders need.