Friday, June 26, 2009

When even the crooks live white guilt...

Nearly three dozen stolen computer monitors that were bound for schools and hospitals in the African country of Cameroon have been returned to a B.C. church group with an apology from the thieves.

The Kelowna church received the 31 monitors as a donation, but they were taken from the back of a pickup truck overnight on June 11.

Earlier this week, all but two of the monitors were returned to driveway where they were stolen, with a hand-printed note attached to one of the boxes.

"Sorry for the trouble, hope you forgive us," the note said. "Hope those kids in Africa enjoy."

The RCMP say they've accepted the apology and have closed their fil
B.C. thieves return Africa-bound computers with note: 'Hope you forgive us' | - Canada - Features

But of course it's old news that most crooks have pretty much the same morality as everyone else, on one end of things; they're just a little less zealous about certain rivals' private property on the other. Send them to Africa, I say.

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