Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back to what you won't find in school

Dag and I are working on posts commenting on this story that provides a sad insight into the state of "thinking" in our provincial education system. But other business is getting in the way, and Dag is fighting a cold. So we don't have much for you at the moment in order to preface this announcement for our weekly Thursday night meeting (7-9 pm in the atrium of the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library, in front of Blenz Coffee). But that linked article from the Vancouver Sun is sure to receive some discussion this evening. If it bothers you that "social justice" as it is now conceived by educrats is equivalent to some unquestioned law of non-discrimination, and if you feel that real thinking requires some kind of discrimination (at the very least between the moral and ethical faculties of humans and their non-existence in animals), but you're just not sure what is wrong with the educrats' moral relativism, or how to put it in words, then you're probably someone who would enjoy the Covenant Zone's take on "school". In fact, to encourage more people to join us, we feel we should offer our sundry intellectual skills as a tutoring service. Because some (young?) people will only know the value of our (really free) conversation if they have to pay for it. Come and tell us your price for some real challenging discourse on the nature of justice, individual and otherwise.

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